Find Problems Before Anyone Else

  • Test, diagnose and remediate application performance in new releases by replicating the production network in the lab.
  • Detect and track individual flows while remaining undetectable to other devices on the network.
  • Intelligently test thousands of code paths, not just the most common paths, in a stateful manner.
  • Simplify rigorous, repeatable, regression testing.
  • Multiple flows and stateful operation

Greater Granularity and Fidelity When Emulating Real-World Networks

  • Discover problems earlier, fix them, and release higher-quality products and applications.
  • Maxwell Pro's flexible, scriptable, programmable power enables an abundance of capabilities
  • Simulate all network technologies and applications, including VoIP, video conferencing, SANs, wireless, mobile, VPN, and many more with Maxwell Pro.

Add Time-varying Impairments to your Emulation

Real world networks change their behavior over time. And so should your network emulation scenario.

  • Create a network emulation that varies the impairment parameters over any time period
  • Specify a time-varying expression for any metric, using equations, piecewise curves, or shaped pulses

We looked at a number of products, but selected Maxwell because of the ability to create custom impairments and custom filters. This is very useful in our testing environment.

—Engineering Manager, Thomson Technology

Monitor from Anywhere

Monitor your Maxwell Pro network emulation from a Chrome web browser on your tablet or desktop computer, with the MPtable and MPchart applications.

  • MPtable provides a bird’s eye view of everything that is happening on the Maxwell Pro Network Emulator: Create tables, then expand the advanced tab to see metrics / statistics for all nodes in all flows. If a packet gets impairedanywhere in the network, you’ll see a change in the statistics, in real time.

  • MPchart lets you drill down to see real-time graphs for a few selected statistics. Using linear or logarithmic axes, you can get a better sense of how metrics / impairments change over time. You can also display two metrics on the same graph to directly compare them.

We use Maxwell to filter and emulate BACnet/IP traffic in order to pinpoint issues and problems at our customer's sites. Using Maxwell has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor and equipment as we can faithfully emulate a customer site without re-creating the customer network.

—Test Manager, Trane

Protocol Testing with Maxwell Pro

Maxwell Pro is a hardware solution that offers the addition of protocol test suites to help quality assurance engineers find bug in their network protocol stacks.

  • DHCP
  • ICMP
  • IP
  • SIP
  • TCP
  • UDP

Test Multimedia G.1050

The ITU-T Recommendation G.1050 provides a standardized network model for evaluating multimedia transmission performance over the internet. Maxwell Pro’s G.1050 tests help product manufacturers verify proper device performance under a range of known, deployed network configurations including common network anomalies and impairments. Validate application performance and guarantee the success of your cloud-based initiative with pre-deployment testing.

With Maxwell Pro you can test:

  • Storage in the cloud applications under limited bandwidth connections
  • Audio interaction over the internet for gaming applications
  • Multimedia devices containing video, voice streams & more

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