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InterWorking Labs is saving the world from network failures by empowering its global customers to develop and deploy the highest quality and most reliable network devices while maximizing the most utility from their networks.

The Company's products and services help customers diagnose, replicate, and remediate the performance of embedded systems and network applications thereby creating a world or reliable networks.

Community & Environment

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Save Our Shores

InterWorking Labs staff members perform volunteer work for Save Our Shores, an organization that protects and promotes ecological integrity of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Using their own buckets, gloves, and shoves the staff picks up trash and and debris at beaches and wetlands. The staff gives back to the community by removing harmful pollution and debris from the environment.  

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Science Fair

InterWorking Labs' staff members volunteer as judges for the Santa Cruz County Science Fair.  In conjunction with Seagate and the Santa Cruz Office of Education, InterWorking Labs helps motivate and inspire the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

By encouraging and questioning aspiring young scientists on their submissions, analysis and thought process, InterWorking Labs contributes to a positive science fair experience for all involved.   In some cases, this is the first time young students have the opportunity to speak to an industry professional working in a scientific area.  


Recycling | Going Green Efforts

InterWorking Labs recyles! Paper products go to the local recycler. Electronic waste goes to Grey Bears to help seniors. Batteries are recycled through a program with Xilinx.

University Relations | Internships

Summer Internship Available

Would you like to join us in saving the world from network failures? Work with the best and brightest networking experts to learn more about what happens in the depths of TCP/IP?  Find out what social media sites have a done a poor job of using the underlying Internet infrastructure?

If you have completed at least two years of a computer science degree and are looking for an interesting summer project with networking protocols, we should talk!

Please send your resume in confidence (pdf of txt)  or complete our form:

Summer Internships

Meet & Greet | Connect & Follow | Get Social

InterWorking Labs welcomes the opportunity to communicate and connect with our clients and investors, (existing or new/current or prospective), other industry movers and shakers / thought leaders, the press, freelancers/contractors, career-seekers, educators, charitable organizations.


InterWorking Labs is Saving the World from Network Failure.  Come save it with us!

Work in an environment where ...

  • The President knows your name.
  • You can communicate without fear of retribution.
  • Rewards are based on merit and accomplishment.
  • When something is broken, you can get it fixed.
  • There is zero tolerance for bureaucracy.

Current Openings

Please see the information above on Summer Internships.

Customer Success Stories

Our clients have used our products for amazing purposes. From finding and fixing bugs in the SNMP implementation of satellite base stations to learning the performance limits of video conference phones to evaluating the quality of full length feature films under adverse network conditions.

Take a look at our Client List.   

See what our clients say about our products (Customer Success Stories).

Understand our methodology.  Learn how we Diagnose, Replicate, and Remediate to Save the World from Network Failures.

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