KMAX Network Emulator

Ensure your app or device works in the cloud, internet, and all network environments prior to deployment

Test and verify application performance under adverse network conditions with KMAX. Optimize applications and roll out high quality products with confidence.

  • Choose from 22+ predefined network scenarios & start testing immediately
  • Subject products & apps to controlled, customizable & repeatable tests
  • Route packets through basic & advanced impairment parameters including: packet drop, delay, jitter, duplication, corruption & rate limiting
  • Incorporate real or simulated network traffic
  • Customize network impairments to exactly match your desired environment
  • Completely characterize your app’s network performance with our network simulator
  • Eliminate guesswork & surprises
  • Accelerate time to market

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Deliver robust, high quality apps

Software development labs are too fast and too clean unlike real-world networks. KMAX recreates slow, congested and less-than-reliable services encountered by apps and devices in the real world. See how your product will perform in realistic network conditions.

Find problems before your users do

Proactively identify and remove product defects prior to release. Poor app performance erodes user confidence and can damage your reputation. Save face, save money and assure success by emulating real-world network conditions in your test lab with KMAX.

Intuitive, Responsive, Graphical User Interface

Use the KMAX Network Simulator from any web browser on a tablet or desktop. The Wizard guides you through set up and operation.

  • Point & click the scenario closest to your production environment
  • Fine tune & adjust network impairment parameters
  • Create your own scenario
  • Specify time-varying impairments to your emulation
  • Easily view network emulation statistics in customizable tables & graphs
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Library of pre-defined network scenarios

Examples of pre-defined network scenarios within the KMAX library include:

  • Cross-Atlantic T1 ATM link
  • Low earth orbit satellite
  • Geosynchronous satellite
  • Streaming media over satellite
  • Periodic network downtime
  • Cellular radio handoff
  • VoIP: To remote office via WAN
  • VoIP: multi-way conference over WiFi
  • Connection impairments
  • Failover to backup servers
  • ... and many more!
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KMAX Network Emulator

The KMAX network emulator lets you test your app or device as if it were in various environments, from LAN to satellite to 5G.

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APiJET's Success

APiJET helps airlines improve efficiency by turning planes into Smart Aircraft. To do this, APiJET needs to recreate the communications environment that their clients' aircraft experience during flight.

  • KMAX can accurately emulate the satellite link used by Icelandair, an APiJET customer
  • Using KMAX allowed APiJET to avoid having to install an extremely costly and unnecessary dedicated communications infrastructure just for testing
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Add Time-Varying Impairments to Your Emulation

Real world networks change their behavior over time. And so should your network emulation scenario.

  • Create a network emulation that varies the impairment parameters over any time period
  • Specify a time-varying expression for any metric, using equations, piecewise curves, or shaped pulses
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Scalability & Flexibility at Your Finger Tips

KMAX is available in several hardware and software configurations. In addition, the KMAX web server exposes a REST API that provides remote control over all aspects of KMAX including the impairment engine and statistics gathering. Insert the KMAX network simulator directly into your testing pipeline using our reference templates.

  • Plug KMAX into your existing diagnostic tools for custom statistics collection & display
  • Automate KMAX reconfiguration to run different configurations for different tests for overnight testing
  • Add a fully custom user interface by using any scripting language with an HTTP client
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Simulate Network Latency

KMAX offers many individual parameters for precisely controlling a network simulation. These include: packet drop, packet delay/latency, packet jitter, packet duplication, packet re-ordering, rate limitation, packet corruption. Of these, network latency is of most concern:

  • Simulate network latency / delay via a pre-defined scenario, OR
  • Precisely customize network latency / delay to meet your requirements.
  • Add jitter, reordering, resequencing, queue management, etc.
  • Test any particular network impairment, precisely.

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Define your own impairment

Bit and Packet Level Corruption

KMAX provides both bit level and packet level corruption. Random bit errors are applied to the entire packet or the payload only (user selectable). Each bit in a packet has a random probability of being inverted.

Packets are randomly selected for corruption, and a random bit in the randomly selected packet is selected for inversion. Enabling Bursts allows several packets in a row to be corrupted.

User Defined Functions

KMAX also provides a user defined impairment function, called Transform. The function may be written in Python or the "Alter" language. Transform provides customized impairments to precisely emulate special requirements, situations, and environments.

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KMAX is a Network Simulator

KMAX is a network simulator from the perspective that it uses mathematical models to simulate certain kinds of problematic network conditions.

Academic researchers observe and record large, operational network data sets. From the data sets, the researchers analyze the frequency, duration, and nature of various network anomalies. Based on this information, one can forecast the probability (likelihood of occurrence) of specific network anomalies.

KMAX uses this analysis in scenarios to replicate real-world phenomenon. By utilizing waveforms, KMAX can simulate the network behavior over time, precisely replicating the onset, the duration, and drop off of the network anomaly.

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KMAX is a Network Emulator

KMAX is a network emulator because it imitates the function of another system. It accepts the same packets, transforms them, and send them on its way, in the same way as the system it is emulating. The emulated system could be a low earth orbit satellite or the wireless to 5G handoff between a mobile app and the cloud. KMAX emulates a wide range of network communications systems and emulates them under a wide range of conditions, both favorable and unfavorable.

Actual network traffic and network conversations can be recorded and replayed with fidelity to the problematic traffic conditions. Or KMAX can simply replace the original communications network entity by emulating its performance in the lab.

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