Maxwell Pro Release Notes

Release Notes Release 2017c

Date: 2017-12-20

(1) The following changes were made that affect TCP/IP protocol testing:

(1.1) The calibration and sanity tests on DHCPv4 clients were being incorrectly graded. As soon as they saw an OFFER message they would prematurely flag the clients as having passed the tests.

(1.2) A bug was fixed in the algorithm that tries to select IP addresses that should not already appear in the DUT's ARP translation table. The fix affects IPv4.ARP tests 001, 022, 026, 027, and 028.

(1.3) IPv4.ARP.026 test was incorrectly setting the Protocol Target Address to the DUT's address. It has been corrected so it is set to an address that should not be in the DUT's translation table.

(1.4) The description for the IPv4.ARP.021 was rewritten.

(1.5) The TCP.Close.001 test was incorrectly looking for no response from the DUT but should have been looking for an RST segment.

(1.6) The TCP.Close.002 test was rewritten and its twin, TCP.Close.003, has been removed. The original tests were not accomplishing the goal of testing the response to FIN segments whose ACK bits were zero.

(1.7) The TCP.Connected.034 test would sometimes attempt to set the window field to a value less than zero. This has been corrected.

(1.8) The IPv4.ARP tests have been modified so a TCP reset (RST) segment is sent to the DUT to help assure any TCP connection is closed at the end of test. Note that PCAP captures stop just before these resets are sent, so the resets don't appear in them.

(1.9) The TCP.Connected.041, 042, and 043 tests were corrected so that they would not generate a PASS result when the DUT fails to respond at all.

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