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Thank you for your purchase of SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite.  


Are you installing a node-locked version of SilverCreek?  (Your SilverCreek license is linked to one node or system).

  • Is this a node-locked Windows system?  If yes, click here.
  • Is this a node-locked Linux system?  If yes, click here.

Workgroups Server

Are you installing SilverCreek on a Workgroups Server (a shared server or floating license server)?
NOTE:  a client checks out a license from a Workgroups Server


Are you installing a dongle-based SilverCreek license on a Windows system?  (A dongle is a USB device with special licensing code that allows SilverCreek to operate on a Windows system with the USB dongle installed.)  If yes, click here.


Not sure what to do?

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