Reliably Reproduce Any Network Condition in your Lab

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Complete Network Emulator

  • Maximize your app’s usability under all network conditions – packet delay, loss, corruption, bandwidth, latency, jitter, etc.
  • Proactively address application performance issues with high precision and accuracy by providing reliable test results
  • Lower the time-to-market while delivering robust applications
  • Provide a consistent user-friendly experience (UX)

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KMAX Network Emulator

Test and verify application performance under adverse network conditions with KMAX. Optimize applications and roll out high quality products with confidence.

  • Choose from 22+ predefined network scenarios & start testing immediately
  • Subject products & apps to controlled, customizable & repeatable tests
  • Route packets through basic & advanced impairment parameters including: packet drop, delay, jitter, duplication, corruption & rate limiting
  • Incorporate real or simulated network traffic
  • Customize network impairments to exactly match your desired environment
  • Completely characterize your app’s network performance with our network simulator
  • Eliminate guesswork & surprises
  • Accelerate time to market

Intuitive, Responsive, Graphical User Interface

Use the KMAX Network Simulator from any web browser on a tablet or desktop. The Wizard guides you through set up and operation.

  • Point & click the scenario closest to your production environment
  • Fine tune & adjust network impairment parameters
  • Create your own scenario
  • Specify time-varying impairments to your emulation
  • Easily view network emulation statistics in customizable tables & graphs
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Library of pre-defined network scenarios

Examples of pre-defined network scenarios within the KMAX library include:

  • Cross-Atlantic T1 ATM link
  • Low earth orbit satellite
  • Geosynchronous satellite
  • Streaming media over satellite
  • Periodic network downtime
  • Cellular radio handoff
  • VoIP: To remote office via WAN
  • VoIP: multi-way conference over WiFi
  • Connection impairments
  • Failover to backup servers
  • ... and many more!
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If you're looking for a reliable, secure way to test your business critical apps and functionality by simulating real-world network conditions, then consider our network emulators.

Schedule a demo with us (or apply for a free trial) and learn more about how the Maxwell family of network simulators can help.

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Client Testimonials

Our test team used KMAX to successful tested Apple TV as well as our WIFI AP. KMAX worked so great with Apple TV that we demoed it to out internal teams.

Senior Software Engineer
Internet TV Streaming Service

Our Quality Assurance engineers are not experts in network protocol parameters. With the KMAX pre-defined scenarios, explanations, and diagrams, the engineers did not struggle and were able to be productive right away.

Senior director of Aviation and Technology
Commercial Aviation Data Service Provider

We are very satisfied with KMAX and the customer service provided when we need an additional feature. I will certainly recommend KMAX to anyone whose projects could benefit.

Systems Engineer
C4ISR Defense Contractor

I tried out KMAX and was very impressed. We are using it to emulate the network conditions on one of our client's networks.

Software Engineer
Video BackOffice Solutions for Service Providers