A VMware-based WAN Emulator

Your customers will use your app, service, or device in multiple locations worldwide on a variety of networks, each with a unique set of dynamically changing traffic conditions. Can you be sure that your product will meet or exceed client expectations?

The KMAX product family is the solution: with KMAX, you can evaluate performance of your product, and make corrections, in the presence of real-world packet impairments, prior to deployment.

KMAX-V is the newest option: In addition to small package and rack mount configurations, KMAX-V (virtualized KMAX) is available for the VMware vSphere Hypervisor® ESXi.

Why a Virtual Solution?

Traditional Dev/Test requires the provisioning, installation, and configuration of vendor hardware for testing complex environments and apps. For labs and test environments utilizing VM technology, the KMAX-V Virtual Network Emulator significantly reduces provisioning and installation time. As a result, the product development and testing teams can focus on productive work as soon as possible.

VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi

The VMware vSphere ESXI is a virtual server. KMAX-V runs on ESXi compatible hardware. Click to see the compatibility matrix.

  • Deliver robust, high quality products and applications
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Eliminate guesswork and surprises
  • Completely characterize your app’s network performance

KMAX-V Package

KMAX-V ships as a pre-configured Virtual Machine (VM). Just install the KMAX .ova file and start the VM; there is no additional configuration required.

The KMAX virtual machine uses at least three virtual network interfaces:

  • One is for connection to users, i.e. the typical developer lab or company network on which users run their desktop and laptop computers.
  • The remainder are for KMAX packet traffic. These can be virtual or physical interfaces. However, no two should be on the same broadcast domain, which means that they can be any mix of VLANs and physical ethernets as long as there is no packet path between them except via the KMAX.

State of the Art, Fully Intuitive User Interface

Access the KMAX VMware WAN Emulator through modern web browsers on a tablet or desktop. The Wizard will guide you through set up and operation. Point and click to select the scenario closest to your production environment. KMAX scenarios contain sets of network impairments -- drops, delay, jitter, etc. -- that you can adjust and fine-tune to match your environment.

Free KMAX Video Tutorials

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Additional KMAX Information

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