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Try the SNMP Test Suite even if you don't have a network or a product to test.

Microsoft has an SNMP agent in Windows XP, 2000 and 98. You can use the local loopback address of to access the agent, even if you're not connected to a physical network. (You still need a network interface card with appropriate drivers, and the TCP/IP protocol installed, as if you were connected to the network).

For Windows 2000/XP(adapted from Microsoft Windows 2000 Help File)


  1. Login with Administrator status.
  2. Open the Windows Components Wizard. To open the Windows Components wizard, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click Add/Remove Windows Components.
  3. In Components, click Management and Monitoring Tools (but do not select or clear its check box), and then click Details.
  4. Select Simple Network Management Protocol check box, and click OK.
  5. Click Next.

To ensure that the SNMP agent is installed go to the Control Panel and click on Administrative tools, then Component Services. Highlight Services in the left frame then scroll through the right frame to locate SNMP Service. You will also want to make sure that the SNMP agent is started before you attempt testing. This can be determined by looking at the status field. To ensure that the agents starts up automatically right-click on SNMP Service then choose Properties. Under the General tab set the Startup type to automatic. Next to set the community strings for this agent click on the Security tab then click on Add under the accepted Community Names. Here you will enter a community name and choose the rights for that name.










For Windows 98


  1. Make sure your Windows 98 CD is in the drive.
  2. In the "Network" control panel, click "Add".
  3. In the "Select Network Component Type" dialog box, double-click "Service".
  4. In the "Select Network Service" dialog box, click "Have Disk".
  5. In the "Install From Disk" dialog box, type the path to the "TOOLS\RESKIT\NETADMIN\SNMP" directory on your computer's CD drive, and then click OK.
  6. In the "Select Network Service" dialog box, select "Microsoft SNMP agent" from the Models list, and then click "OK".

After rebooting your computer, the agent should respond to requests. The agent responds to read requests with the community string "public".



  • Certain Windows components require configuration before thay can be used. If you installed one or more of these components, but did not configure them, when you click Add/Remove Windows Components, a list of components that need to be configured is displayed. To start the Windows Components wizard, click Components.

If you would like to see the results of testing these agents, contact for a free report.

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