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It is important to test and validate the production-readiness of infrastructure and applications before deployment. IT staff and network administrators can reduce roll-out failures by learning in advance how applications will perform under a variety of network conditions.Rate-Limitation-vs-Bandwidth-Limitation

When emulating network conditions, two terms, "Rate Limitation" and "Reduced Bandwidth Link Emulation" are used interchangeably but are actually very different. In this paper we are going to use the phrase "Reduced Bandwidth Link Emulation" to refer to "Bandwidth Limitation", as they are also used interchangeably.


Key Topics Covered:

  • The difference between "Rate Limitation" and "Reduced Bandwidth Link Emulation"
  • Reduced Bandwidth Link Emulation
  • Rate Limitation
  • Similar But Far From Identical
  • Synthetic vs. Real World
  • Real World Devices
  • Practical Implications For Pre-Deployment Testing
  • Using the Maxwell Network Emulators for Rate Limitation or Reduced Bandwilth Link Emulation

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