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Understanding How Applications Perform on the Network — Even Under Adverse Network Conditions — Trial deployments are expensive and yield limited data. Learn how to properly characterize your application or device performance prior to deployment.

Are you allocating your test resources correctly? — Finding and fixing software defects constitutes the largest expense for the software industry. See why line speed testing isn’t enough and the importance of functional testing!

Emulating Mobile/Cellular Networks — Today, more than ever, applications need to be prepared to run over mobile infrastructure. Learn about the characteristics that impact application performance and recommended testing.

Network Protocol Testing Overview  — Learn about the categories of network testing and determine how to apply the right ones to your testing  effort.

DARPA Robotics Finals: Degrading the Network  — Can robots perform "first responder" activities? Can they operate semi-independently or are they merely marionettes? DARPA pushed robot technologists to transfer more intelligence to the robots to carry out simple tasks.

Degraded Networks at the DARPA Robotics Challenge  — Learn how the network was simulated to approximate a real life disaster situation for the robots at the DARPA Robotics Challenge

Does IPERF Tell White Lies?  — Does Iperf significantly under report the actual bandwidth of the link?

Rate Limitation vs. Bandwidth Limitation  — Not the same thing!  Reduced bandwidth link emulation is a technique used in a lab to evaluate how a network application behaves when its packets traverse a slow link.

Network Emulation FAQ  — Understanding modelers, emulators, and simulators.  Choose the right one for your task.

Causes and Correlation of Network Impairments  — Learn how ARP cache timeouts and leaky VLANS (among other things) create delay, loss, jitter, and more to packets as they traverse the network.

Instance IDs in SNMP  — Understanding scalar and columnar objects and the concept of multiple instances of one object.

Limitations of ICMP Echo for network measurement  — ICMP Echo, more commonly known as "ping" is not a valid tool for measuring network distance or performance.

End-to-End VoIP Product Comparison Testing  — More than vendors want to admit, the voice quality of VoIP calls depends on the software in the receiving phone.

Implementing Secure Network Management  — Covering the fundamentals of security within SNMPv3 for new users and administrators.

Triple DES and AES 192/256 Implementation Notes - For InterWorking Labs customers who require detailed information on the implementation of the AES 192/256 and 3DES in SilverCreek, the Official SNMP Test Suite

The Top Six MIB Creation Errors  — The private MIB errors that we see time and time again.

POSIX Standard Test Results in SNMP Testing  — Setting up the fully integrated, fully automated test lab.

Using The Windows SNMP Agent  — Try the SNMP Test Suite even if you don't have a network or a product to test.

Frequently Asked Questions About SNMP Testing  — Having a hard time understanding the benefits of SNMP Testing?  Read some of the frequently asked questions here.

Standard Names For Versions Of The SNMP Protocol  — SNMPv1, v2c, v2u, v3 --which one should I be using?

Lexicographic Ordering  — You should care about lexicographic ordering because it is required by GETNEXT and GETBULK operations.

BITS Must Not Be Imported  — Get to the bottom of a common area of confusion among SNMP MIB designers.

IWL SNMP Advisory Board Rules on SNMPv3 usmUserSpinLock - Are SNMPv3 managers required to use usmUserSpinLock in every SET request?

Advisory Board Rules on snmpInASNParseErrs  — InterWorking Labs' Advisory Board took a survey and made a decision on the test results, PDUs and incrementing snmpInASNParseErrs.

Towards Useful Management - The Simple Times  — SNMP's greatest success is in providing the framework to deliver management capabilities for highly focused, device specific applications.  The industry needs to move beyond this accomplishment.

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