Are you ready to face the repercussions of launching a ‘less-than-perfect’ application?

Depending on your application’s use-case, the risks of not addressing potential problems your application may face in the real world may be too high to ignore. Productivity loss, increase in development cost, dissatisfied customers, lost revenue, or even adverse associations to your company’s brand are some risks worth highlighting.

Fortunately, companies today can simulate real-world network conditions in their labs to understand how their applications will perform under routine and adverse network conditions, and address all potential performance issues before the app is launched. WAN simulators enable companies to:

  • Maximize their app’s usability under all network conditions – packet loss, corruption, bandwidth, latency, jitter, etc.
  • Proactively address application performance issues with high precision and accuracy by providing reliable test results
  • Lower the time-to-market while delivering robust applications
  • Provide a consistent user-friendly experience (UX)

If you’re looking for a reliable, secure way to test your business’ critical apps and functionality by emulating real-world network conditions, Schedule a demo with us to learn more about how the Maxwell family of network emulators can help.

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What We Do

IWL helps developers and engineers understand how well a device or app will perform under adverse network conditions, not just perfect conditions. The developer can then improve the embedded system or network application to optimize its performance. Performance can range from user perceived response time to robustness in the face of pathological packets. Can your device or app withstand the vagaries of the Internet?


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