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Writing tests can be an important aspect of testing a specific device, but often users do not realize that a test may already exist for which they are interested in writing a new test.

To add a new test suite, click on the “Tools” then “Test Suite Management” then “New Test Suite.”

In the resulting window you can name your new test suite and give it a number.

Next you will want to add some tests to the new test suite. To do this, right-click on your new test suite, then choose “New Test.” The New Test Window provides instructions for creating your new test.

The only required field under the information tab is the Test Number.

Next, add a description for your new test under the Description tab.

Your final step is to click on the script tab and enter the actual code for your test. You could borrow and modify code from an existing test or start from scratch.

Here you can see I am entering code to count the number of iterations a test is going to take.

Another approach to creating your own test suite is to pull tests that you are interested in from existing test suites.

This is useful because it enables you to create a focused test suite customized for your agent.

Alternately, you can modify existing tests to create your own private test suite.

Our developers’ guide contains a list of API calls that can be made.

The easiest way to create and write your own tests is to use this with the 1,000 or so existing tests as examples.


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