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The main SilverCreek window consists of four sections. The menus and the toolbar, through which you will access most of SilverCreek’s functions, are here at the top.

The test suite section is here on the left. And here on the right, you can view the tests contained in the selected test suite and the details and results of those tests.

In addition, at the bottom of this screen is the Status Section.

Here you can see the Pass, Other, Fail boxes that SilverCreek uses to summarize for you how your device is doing as the tests are running as well as other information on the status of SilverCreek.

SilverCreek was developed to make testing effective and easy depending on your specific experience and need.

Most tasks can be performed either by using the GUI, writing a test, or through the command line.

To make your work easier, all of SilverCreek’s tools can be accessed from the tools menu.

Packaged with SilverCreek are test suites for SNMP version 1.2c and 3 as well as for MIB-II and DOCSIS. We also have a RMON1 & 2 MIB extension and Traffic Generator Extension.

As of version 8.0, we have also included our vulnerability test suite.

Currently listed are the tests in Suite 1, SNMP version 1 tests. The tests are organized by category (for example,protocol tests), test suite (for example, SNMP version 1 tests) and group (for example, the get-next tests).


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