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This video is a basic introduction to running tests and saving your results in SilverCreek.

First, switch to the suite of tests on the left that corresponds to your agent’s version of SNMP.

Click on any test for which you would like a description.

The details panel gives you information on the test, its purpose, what it’s doing, expected outcome, and the RFC it’s referencing.

If you purchased the test module for SilverCreek, you will also have access to the script, allowing you to modify it to suit your particular testing needs.

To run the tests, open the Test menu, then the Run submenu, and select Next, Selected, or All…

“Next” will run the next test in the suite that has not yet been run.

“Selected” will run whichever test or tests you have currently selected, and “All” will run every test in the suite in descending order.

Alternately, you can simply double-click on a test to run it.

While the test is running, there is a message on the bottom-left of the screen that tells you its status.

This test is completed almost instantly, but some tests may take several minutes.

When the test is completed, you can save the test results by clicking File > Save Results after Running

Tests, then choosing from the listed options.

Currently Selected Suite will save the results for all run tests in your currently selected suite.

Currently Selected Group will save the results for all run tests in your currently selected group.

All Suites will save results from all run tests in all suites, selected tests will save results from whichever tests you currently have selected.

You can save the results as XML, CSV, or plain text.

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