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The Performance Measuring Tool allows the user to measure a device’s response time to SNMP operations for comparison with other devices.

This is useful for understanding performance issues and problems in a network, a network application, or a device.

You can create scripts and run them against several devices for comparison of the output results to determine where performance bottlenecks exist, and even what device performs best.

A typical usage example would be to perform a NEXT, GET, and SET on sysContact 500 times.

You could then compare the resulting times for both asynchronous and synchronous modes.

You can see in the results windows that it took 950 milliseconds to do 500 Next requests in Asynchronous mode. It took 2,397 milliseconds to do the same requests in Synchronous mode.

To save your commands for future use, click the Save Commands button and enter a name for your file.

You can then come back at a future time and load this file for retesting by clicking the “Load Commands” button and locating your file.


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