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The SNMP Command Wizard allows the tester to perform GET, NEXT, BULK, and SET operations which can then be saved and run again at a later date.

When invoked, this tool creates a window that allows the user to add multiple commands and/or objects to the script.

To create a script, select the SNMP operation with which you wish to start. A dialog will pop up, asking you to enter the object name.

For GET and SET operations, provide the object name with an instance identifier.

After you have entered an object and clicked “Add,” you will be asked if you wish to add more objects to the SNMP operation.

Select “Yes” to add more objects to the current command. Selecting “No” will end the operation.

For illustrative purposes, I will quickly add a few more commands.

After you have added all the required commands and objects to your script, you can run it by clicking the “Send” button.

The results of the script will show up in a new window and can be saved as a text file.

To save the script for future use, select “Save Requests.”


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