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The Automation Wizard can be used to create and run scripts that automate the testing process. Once created, these scripts can then be run through SilverCreek’s GUI or by using a TCL shell.

Click on Test, then Automation Wizard.

Select New to begin creating a new script.

You will now need to select a saved context file for the agent that you would like to test.

For more information on saving a context file, see the lesson “Connecting to your SNMP Agent.”

Click Next and choose how you would like your test results to be saved.

You will then be prompted to choose a filename.

In the final configuration window, you will choose the individual tests or test suites that you would like to run.

This is a simple point and click process.

Highlight a category in the left frame and choose “Add All Tests” to add all tests for that category or alternately highlight the tests of your choice in the right frame and click “Add Selected” to add only the highlighted tests.

When finished, click on Ok. Then click Next.

Click Done to exit the wizard, and choose a filename for your new script.

To run your newly created script, you simply need to highlight it in the Automation Wizard window and click on Run.

Alternately, you may choose to run your script from a Tcl shell.

For your convenience, there is a Tcl shell located in the SilverCreek/BIN directory.

Once in the shell, type in “source,” then the name of your saved script.

This will start SilverCreek, perform the scripted testing, then shut down SilverCreek after saving the results to the file type you chose previously.

You will need to view your chosen Results file to see the outcome of the testing.


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