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The Advanced Setup dialogue is a way to give information to SilverCreek about the agent you are testing.

It enables you to make SilverCreek knowledgeable about what to do when it needs information about your agent while running a test.

A simple example would be you are running a test that is checking the counter snmpEngineBoots. This is the counter that counts the number of times your agent has been restarted. Test (4.7.1) requires you to restart your agent.

When you are running this test, if you have not entered information into this advanced setup dialogue, the test will pause and ask you to restart your agent.

The test will not resume until you click “OK” or “Abort” or 5 minutes passes by, in which case it will abort automatically.

In this parameter, you can enter the information to restart your agent. For example, in DOCSIS testing you would to a SET on docsResetNow.0 to “1” to restart the agent.

Once you have entered this information, you can run this test without any interaction.

When the test inquires about restarting your agent, it will automatically go and look up the command you have entered in this box and execute it.

This increases testing speed and simplifies the testing process.

When you are done testing, you can save this information to a file. Both the agent IP address and connection information will be saved along with the configuration parameters you have entered. This enables you to skip the setup process next time you test this agent.


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