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Engineers and IT staff use network emulators to make sure that apps and devices will perform correctly in the cloud, the internet, and wireless environments.

When users of a smart phone or PC access an app in the cloud many factors can come into play that effect the network.

Excessive network congestion might cause packets to be delayed, dropped or reordered.

A wireless access point might be under provisioned or misconfigured.

The internet is not perfect and these apps and devices need to compensate for that.

They cannot fail every time there's a little glitch.

So how does a software engineer test and verify that a new app withstands the wide variety of conditions that effect cloud, wireless, and internet devices?

Using Maxwell a developer can test a device's operation under various network conditions.

In an earlier video, we showed you how to configure your Maxwell Network Emulator.

Now we are going to show you how to add network impairments to the traffic stream affecting your application.

But first let's make sure we're putting the network emulator in the right place in the test network.

The Maxwell products are layer 2 devices or bumps on the wire.

The Maxwell products have two data interfaces: LAN-A, on the left, and LAN-B, on the right.

We will control and manage Maxwell from a web browser.

Network traffic from a device on LAN-A flows into Maxwell and out to LAN-B.

Traffic flowing in the other direction from LAN-B flows into Maxwell and out to LAN-A.

Now that we've set up, we can go to the web browser to manage Maxwell.

We can add network impairments to create adverse network conditions.

Let's experiment with a mainly one-way link that is losing 1% of the traffic.

The video server is sending a video stream.

Typically this means traffic is flowing in one direction.

So let's see what happens to the video app as it receives the video stream.

To do this we enter 1% drop.

We will do this in the other direction as well, so we will enter 1% drop over here.

Don't forget to click submit to start the impairment.

In this example, the destination device is a video app.

Now let's see what happens.

With the 1% packet drop image quality is negatively effected on the client device.

So what does all this mean?

If you are buying or deploying equipment, Maxwell helps you test which is the better product.

If you are a developer, Maxwell helps you refine your design to improve it.

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