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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Maxwell G.

Here’s how to configure your Maxwell G for the first time.

Here are the materials you’ll need: One Maxwell G (this Maxwell G is a prototype and has a different faceplate than the one you’ve received, but all the important bits are all the same), one power cable for your Maxwell G, one USB keyboard, one monitor plus its associated connector and power cables.

To begin, connect the Maxwell G to a power source using the supplied power cable.

Then do the same with your monitor.

Next, connect your monitor to the Maxwell.

The Maxwell G supports VGA, DVI, and HDMI connectors.

Finally, plug your USB keyboard into one of the Maxwell’s eight available USB ports.

Switch on your monitor and your Maxwell G.

The Maxwell will take a few moments to boot up.

When the Maxwell is ready, you’ll be asked for a login.

Enter “setup” and hit the enter key.

When prompted for a password, enter the one that was provided to you with your Maxwell G.

Please note that this password is case-sensitive, and will not appear on the screen as you type it.

When finished, hit enter again.

When asked if you’d like to reboot the system, enter “n” for no.

When asked if you’d like to restore the factory settings, enter “n” again.

When asked about DHCP, unless you’re familiar with it and specifically want to use it, enter “n.”

When prompted for a hostname, enter one of your choosing.

Do the same when prompted for a domain name.
The following entries: IPv4 address, netmask, route address, and DNS server address, will very from network to network.

You will need to obtain the information from your network administrator, unless you are the network administrator, in which case, hello.

Keep this information on hand as you’ll be able to use it to further configure your Maxwell G remotely through a graphic interface.

When prompted for an NTP time server, simply press enter to skip.

Do the same when prompted for a syslog server.

The configuration program will now ask if you’d like to accept the current configuration settings.

Enter “y” to confirm.

Finally, you will be prompted to reboot the system. Enter “y” again.

Congratulations, you’ve just completed the initial configuration of your maxwell G.

Feel free to purchase party hats and paper plates from your nearest department store for a post-configuration celebration.

Otherwise, you can further configure Maxwell G over a network by entering its IP address into the address bar of your web browser.


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