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SilverCreek allows developers to add private MIBs and other IETF standard MIBs into its environment.

The objects in these MIBs will be automatically tested once they’re loaded into SilverCreek, including test coverage on syntax, access, and lexicographical ordering of the objects.

In a single step, SilverCreek both loads and compiles your private MIBs.

There are two ways to enter your private MIBs.

Method 1 is to use the Load | Delete MIBs tool.

Click on the MIB menu, then Load | Delete MIBs.

In the resulting Load and Delete MIBs window, click on the Load New MIB Files button.

Navigate to a MIB file you wish to load and click Open.

A window will indicate that the MIB file compiled successfully, and the MIB will automatically be included in any future testing.

The other way to add MIBs is to put them into SilverCreek’s MIBs directory for automatic compilation at startup.

This method is most effective for projects that require many private MIBs.

To do this, drag MIB files into the MIB subfolder in your SilverCreek installation directory.


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