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The MIB Table Inspector tool allows the tester to view, update, delete, and insert rows in the selected MIB Table.

You can enter a table name (or its object identifier) or select a table name from the drop-down list box to view its content.

Table cells with light gray backgrounds are read-write objects as defined in the MIB. Table cells with light blue backgrounds are read-only objects.

To update a writable cell value, click the cell, enter the new value, hit “Enter,” and click “SET Edited Cells one by one.”

If a table uses the RowStatus or EntryStatus Textual Convention, you can create new rows via SNMP by clicking the New Row Template button.

This will bring up a new window that prompts you for index object value settings and the row creation method.

Click OK and the new row will be inserted in the GUI.

Now you can insert values in the writable object cells by clicking on them, adding the value, and clicking the appropriate SET button.

The final step is to create the row by sending the Set requests to the agent.
Since multiple cells have been edited, I can do this by clicking “SET Edited Cells in a Single Packet” to set all edited cells.


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