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The MIB dictionary is a convenient way to quickly access information about a MIB element in any MIB module loaded into SilverCreek.

This tool is particularly useful when developing test scripts and when diagnosing problems with particular objects.

Two methods can be used to search for the desired object.

In the entry field at the top, the name of the MIB element can be entered, or the element can be selected directly by scrolling through the box below.

The autoselect feature will find the closest match on the list as you type.

If a match is found, the MIB dictionary will present the user with relevant information on the MIB element.

This may include information on the object identifier, the macro used to define the MIB element, the syntax as defined in the MIB, and, if applicable, the range associated with the syntax, the access status, index, and default value fields, as well as any named enumerations for the integer type.

The SNMP button at the bottom of the screen can be used to open the SNMP command tool with the name of the selected object already filled in, allowing you to perform individual SNMP get, set, or get next requests on the selected element.


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