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Welcome to the InterWorking Labs IPv6 webinar. My name is Shawn Routhier.

I was a principle architect of a leading SNMP engine, as well as involved in the IETF for many years.

This module is an overview of the rest of the series.

The Module 1 will present an overview of the IPv6 stack itself.

This is not meant to be a complete introduction to IPv6, it’s merely meant to present the issues that IPv6 causes for the management systems, in particular for the previous IP MIBs.

Module 2 is the IPv6 MIB Challenge. This will expand on the challenge provided by the MIBs.

Module 3 is the changes that are required for the forwarding MIB, the tcp MIB, and the udp MIB.

These are all grouped together as the changes are fairly similar and relatively simple.

Module 4 is the IP MIB itself.

This is done as its own separate module as the changes are more extensive and not quite so simple as the ones from the other MIBs.

When we complete this webinar, we will have a better understanding of how to implement and test the MIBs.

As can be seen in our summary slide, if you are trying to implement a MIB, these are some of the steps you would want to go through.

Check out the normative and informative references that we supply.

Study the addressing constructs that will be discussed in RFC 4001, and then review the key changes in the various MIBs.

This concludes this module.


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