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Welcome to our five-part webinar series on IPv6-related MIBs produced by InterWorking Labs.

This webinar series is targeted at the IPv6 developer and tester.

My name is Shawn Routhier.

I’ve been involved with the IETF for over ten years, I’ve been a principle architect of a leading SNMP engine, as well as a lead architect on an IPv6 stack.

I was involved in SNMPv2, SNMPv3, subagents, and technical conventions for the SNMP area, as well as IPv6, and the IPv6 MIBs for the IPv6 area.

I’ve also been a MIB doctor working on other people’s MIBs and correcting them.

IPv6 poses many challenges.

There’s the challenge of writing and deploying the IPv6 stack, as well as managing it itself.

There’s also the challenge of managing the IPv6 stack in conjunction with IPv4 stacks, and attempting to do this in a scalable fashion such that we minimize the resources used between the two stacks and any additional resources used for any future stack that we happen to write.

Our webinar series will give you an architectural overview of the IP MIBs and how they relate to the original IPv4 MIBs.

At the end of this series, you will have a good understanding of the IP MIBs and what type of testing and implementation changes this may require from you.

We hope you enjoy the series.


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