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Ever click on something and get no result?

Have a phone call drop for no reason?

Have your video stream screech to a halt?

Meet Dave Taht.

Dave's on a mission.

Dave's building a faster, more reliable and less annoying Internet.

In particular, he wants to make video conferencing and gaming possible while downloading music and movies.

Today, due to Bufferbloat, when you try to do that, it often just doesn't doesn't work.

But hold on … what was that again?

What is “BufferBloat”?

Most network devices today have been built with way too much buffering.

This messes up interactive traffic, like voice and video.

It turns out finding an algorithm for “right” amount of buffering on the network is a 30 year old mostly unsolved research problem.

So we setup a crash project to find an answer.

We think we've found fixes for bufferbloat.. and we need to get our stuff from the lab and into the real world as soon as possible.

So you created CeroWrt to do that?

CeroWrt is a hot-rodded home router project that's got every idea we've come up with to make the internet faster, more reliable.

It's been a research platform for the entire group for converting bufferbloat fixes from theory into reality.

So a few weeks ago we were approaching a major new release...

And you'd like your researchers to get valid results?

These are complicated algorithms.

It's important that our users focus on the research and not the bugs in the network stack.

We're pretty sure that our code works well and it's time for other people to use it.

But our bits are only a few thousand lines of code, there's millions of lines of code that we might have broken along the way.

So you contacted InterWorking Labs.

Your Maxwell Pro test suite pushes the boundaries of every TCP, IPv4, and IPv6 implementation.

We thought we were ready...

So we put CeroWrt through the Maxwell Pro test suite, and we found 45 bugs, including a crash bug.

Finding that bug alone was worth the price of admission.

So InterWorking Labs just improved the quality of your technology?

You Just improved the quality of everyone's technology.

Hopefully we will get a couple of million machines fixed this year and a few billion the next!

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