KMAX Network Emulator

KMAX Network Emulator

Test and verify application performance under adverse network conditions with KMAX. Optimize applications and roll out high quality products with confidence.

  • Choose from 22+ predefined network scenarios & start testing immediately
  • Subject products & apps to controlled, customizable & repeatable tests
  • Route packets through basic & advanced impairment parameters including: packet drop, delay, jitter, duplication, corruption & rate limiting
  • Incorporate real or simulated network traffic
  • Customize network impairments to exactly match your desired environment
  • Completely characterize your app’s network performance with our network simulator
  • Eliminate guesswork & surprises
  • Accelerate time to market

Intuitive, Responsive, Graphical User Interface

Use the KMAX Network Simulator from any web browser on a tablet or desktop. The Wizard guides you through set up and operation.

  • Point & click the scenario closest to your production environment
  • Fine tune & adjust network impairment parameters
  • Create your own scenario
  • Specify time-varying impairments to your emulation
  • Easily view network emulation statistics in customizable tables & graphs
Intuitive, Responsive, Graphical User Interface
Library of pre-defined network scenarios

Library of pre-defined network scenarios

Examples of pre-defined network scenarios within the KMAX library include:

  • Cross-Atlantic T1 ATM link
  • Low earth orbit satellite
  • Geosynchronous satellite
  • Streaming media over satellite
  • Periodic network downtime
  • Cellular radio handoff
  • VoIP: To remote office via WAN
  • VoIP: multi-way conference over WiFi
  • Connection impairments
  • Failover to backup servers
  • ... and many more!

If you're looking for a reliable, secure way to test your business critical apps and functionality by simulating real-world network conditions, then consider our network emulators.

Schedule a demo with us (or apply for a free trial) and learn more about how the Maxwell family of network simulators can help.