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Maxwell is ideally suited for emulating satellite communication, a cornerstone of military communication, television broadcasting, radio broadcasting and medical and scientific data analysis. Maxwell can emulate satellites with geostationary orbits, elliptical orbits and low earth orbits. Applications transmitted over satellite networks to and from ground stations and other terrestrial sites are subject to delay. The amount of delay is highly dependent on the type of satellite (for example, low earth orbit) and the application. Thus it is imperative to test applications with satellite emulation prior to deployment.

 Satellite Link Emulator

Variety or orbits -- geostationary, elliptical, low earth polar, low earth non-polar

Modern communications satellites use a variety of orbits including geostationary orbits, elliptical orbits and low earth orbits (both polar and non-polar). Thus, pre-deployment testing with satellite emulators must allow for fine tuning the network emulator to precisely recreate the appropriate parameters.


Maxwell provides two satellite emulation scenarios, completely predefined: Low Earth polar orbit and geostationary orbit. The user can simply point and click to start these scenarios and observe the effects on the application. Alternatively, these scenarios may be customized to create new satellite emulation scenarios precisely tailored to a particular satellite's performance.

Satellite Link Simulator

Satellite Link Emulation Over Days Or Weeks!

Maxwell intercepts the network flow (protocol conversation between two devices) and impairs the packets and protocols according to user-defined criteria. The user-defined criteria can be set to vary with time, such as having the latency or loss probability vary with time to emulate the effect of a satellite's motion on the communication link. This allows the tester to see how the devices will perform in real-world network conditions.

Multiple Concurrent Data Flows

Since Maxwell supports multiple, concurrent network flows, the network emulation is very realistic -- as most real-world devices handle multiple flows, not just one flow at a time. All the while Maxwell introduces impairments at the packet level and the protocol level.

Many more devices may be added to test the boundaries and limits of device performance in a satellite network. Maxwell can also introduce more forms of network anomalies and more protocol impairments to emulate a very wide range of conditions.

With multiple flows as well as multiple impairments at the packet, protocol, and payload level, Maxwell can recreate very realistic, low earth orbit satellite emulation or geosynchronous orbit satellite emulation. This helps uncover problems prior to deployment of applications utilizing satellites.

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With Maxwell we emulated network traffic from a ground location to an air traffic control tower to a satellite and back again.


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