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SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite for Workgroups

Allows for multi-platform multi-user operation of SilverCreek. This is a great solution for engineering teams in need of an Industrial Strength SNMP test platform for testing of multiple products by simultaneous users, or a single user wanting the flexibility to run SilverCreek on any number of machines and platforms. WorkGroups is a network license version of SilverCreek that supports multiple platforms and maximizes the number of users with convenient access.

Questions and Answers about SilverCreek Pro for WorkGroups

(Q1) What is the thinking behind the Workgroups environment?

(A1)SilverCreek Pro for Workgroups provides for the most efficient allocation and usage of your software assets. Licenses are "checked out" by a user so a small number of licenses can be shared by a large number of engineers. Each engineer can test his SNMP agent at his/her convenience without requiring a more expensive, dedicated license.

(Q2) What is involved with setting up Workgroups?

(A2) Here are the steps:

  • You issue your purchase order for SilverCreek
  • You will receive your login and passcode to download Workgroups
  • After download, you will install Workgroups on a license server
  • A screen will pop up with a hostID
  • Cut and paste the hostID and email that to along with your serial number
  • A license key will be emailed to you
  • You will enter this license key that will unlock the application and then you can begin usage
There is no need to involve anyone from the IT department. It can all be done in an hour. You will want to keep your serial number in a safe place as they represent the asset that you have purchased.

(Q3) If I checkout a version of SilverCreek for my desktop computer does the executable stay on the server? Won't that make operation slow?

(A3) No, the executable runs on your local desktop machine. You will download and install SilverCreek on your desktop machine. When you start the application, SilverCreek will automatically checkout a license key from the local Workgroups license server on your network. As long as there is a license key is available from the server, you will operate successfully. Likewise, if your desktop machine is Linux, you will download and install SilverCreek for Linux on your desktop machine. As long as a license key is available from the server, you will operate successfully.

(Q4) When I order Workgroups, do I have to specify in advance the operating system platform for the License Key Server? Suppose I have a Windows system now, but I plan to move to Linux in six months?

(A4) The machine you select to be your License Server will have a hostID. Workgroups will use this hostID. If you decommission this machine, and wish to move to a new machine, an entirely new Server will be generated.

(Q5) I have six software design engineers and ten test engineers all needing to test SNMP agents. Will SilverCreek for Workgroups Server with five license keys accommodate all of them? Will all of them have to download the software and install it on their machines?

(A5) Basically you would have sixteen engineers sharing five license keys. If they are working on multiple projects with different testing schedules, then the demand for SilverCreek may only be five of the sixteen users at a time. However, if they are all working on the same project, then it is likely that more license keys are needed. You would contact InterWorking Labs for getting more license keys ordered. Yes, each user would download and install SilverCreek for their preferred operating system. Even though sixteen copies are downloaded and installed, only the number of copies ordered will work concurrently. You can start with the number of licenses you think you will require. If you find you need more licenses, you can upgrade for just the difference in price.

(Q6) What about lab machines?

(A6) No problem. You can install SilverCreek on the lab machines and any user in the lab can use SilverCreek as long as one of the license keys are available.

(Q7) We have our own test harness set up, so we never use the SilverCreek GUI, but rather automatically start the SNMP tests, then look at our results files later. What does the Workgroups License Server buy us in this environment?

(A7) Assuming your test harness set up is networked, then, the Workgroups offers the same benefits as all the other environments. If you have one test harness that everyone uses, and you have one copy of SilverCreek installed, then Workgroups would provide individual engineers the ability to use SilverCreek at their desktop or in the lab to debug and diagnose particular failure results when testing SNMP agents. Alternatively, if you have multiple test harnesses, and do not want to purchase a copy of SilverCreek for each one of them, then Workgroups gives you much more flexibility for using just what you need, when you need it.

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