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All the SilverCreek SNMP MIB tools are written in Tcl, the Tool Command Language, a scripting language that permits easy customization.

SNMP MIB Compiler

The MIB compiler will compile private and standard MIBs. Problems and errors are flagged and may be saved for later inspection. Conventional MIB compilers hide or suppress these errors to eliminate support questions from the users. This compiler, in contrast, will provide details on all the problems in the MIB design, so that you can fix those problems prior to shipment.

  • Add and compile any MIB (private or standard)
  • Automatically compile and load multiple MIBs (all at once)
  • Add and compile an agent-capability MIB
  • Select one or more branches of MIBs for testing
  • Automatically test your private MIBs

SNMP MIB Browser

The MIB Browser provides a colorful, graphical tree structure so that you can browse the MIB and inspect various branches and leaf nodes. The object name, value, and syntax are displayed in a table for easy study and review. Results may be saved and/or printed for later reference.


The MIB Walker takes an active approach to your agent by retrieving the exact value of each object and each instance of each object in your MIB. The MIB Walker can walk through the entire tree or you can scope out a section, group or branch. You can also put together combinations of groups or sections to customize the information for your needs. Results may be saved and/or printed for later reference. The MIB Walker will also find lexicographic ordering errors in your MIB structure. This is a fundamental concept yet common source of errors in SNMP protocol implementations. The SNMP MIB Walker provides the information to detect and correct these errors prior to shipping your product.

SNMP MIB Table Inspector

The new SNMP MIB Table Inspector is an SNMP tool allowing the user to view MIB table content in a conceptual table view. It also provides an improved user friendly interface to update, delete, test columnar objects and insert rows in the selected MIB Table. It supports createAndGo and createAndWait row creation methods.

SNMP MIB Compare

This tool may be used to compare two MIB files to find the semantic differences, rather than syntactic differences. This gives the user an opportunity to quickly see major changes - added objects, redefined objects, etc. rather than having to plow through all the minutiae contained in a syntactic comparison.

The MIBS files can be in raw format including those which are available inline in an RFC, file file suffixes such as .mib, .txt, .tmp, .defs, etc.

  • Shows semantic differences in a user friendly table format.
  • Uses colors to indicate type of change i.e. modified, deleted, or added.
  • Verbose mode makes the semantic differences easier to understand.
  • Saves results in the popular Unix diff format.
  • Saves comparison differences as CVS or TAB delimited files for further analysis.
  • Re-compares the files if externally modified after initial comparison.

SNMP MIB Dictionary

The SNMP MIB Dictionary provides a very convenient way to quickly access all related information about loaded MIBs:

  • Look up the name for any given OID.
  • Look up OID for any given name.
  • See which MIB module and definition file an object is defined in as well as its parent nodes.
  • See related information about MIB tables. "i.e. index objects and all objects defined in this table"
  • See which notifications are defined in each MIB.
  • See all the known notifications that are loaded.
  • Look up which objects are defined in each MIB.
  • See information about individual modules. (related definition files, standard track or enterprise MIB, and last update date)
  • Save lookup results into a tab delimited text file for easy loading into Excel for further analysis.

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