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Can I share a floating license across facilities between firewalls?

Yes. If there is firewall in-between the license server listening port must be made accessible for remote clients. This means your administrator must open the port the license server is listening.

Alternatively you can configure a SSH tunnel. For example, if the license server is running on a host with a private address in your office. At home your customer can build a ssh tunnel using the following command:

ssh -l user -L 12345:

Change the server host in the license file from "SERVER=" to "SERVER=", and then one should be able to run licensed application on their home machines.

If you are using Putty, then create a SSH connection to with a tunnel set up as follows:



Can one floating license be shared by multiple users at once?

No. A FortLM floating license may only be used by one user at a time, keeping the number of concurrent users consistent with the number of software licenses purchased.

Can clients automatically reconnect to the server after server rebooting?


How many licenses does it use when running multiple instances of a FortLM protected program?

Multiple running instances of a FortLM protected application originating from the same machine will only consume a single license.

Windows Terminal Service

FortLM manages Windows Terminal Service session automatically. For a Node-Locked license: only one remote desktop session access is allowed. For a Network-Floating license: Each remote desktop session consumes a license from its license server. Running multiple instances of a FortLM protected application would still consume a single license.

How to reserve licenses?

To reserve a seat for a particular computer, just add its reservation ID in the value of "RESERVE=" keyword. If there are more than one computer needs to be reserved, separate reservation IDs with a comma. For example: RESERVE=reserveID1,reserveID2.

To get a computer's reservation ID, run the following command:

flmid -r

If there is only one MAC address found on a computer, that hostID is returned as its reservation ID. If there are multiple MAC addresses, 'flmid -r' will pick the first MAC address found as its reservation ID. If it is a Windows Terminal session, then the IP address of the remote terminal is returned as the reservation ID of that remote host (terminal).

How can FortLM serve more than 1024 licenses On Linux?

FortLM uses TCP connections to keep track of licenses in and out. On Linux systems, you may get the error complaining the maximum file descriptor opened exceeds 1025. This is because the maximum file descriptor defaults to 1024 on Linux.

To change the Max file opened error, edit /etc/security/limits.conf, add

user-name-used-to-run-license-server  soft  nofile 32768
user-name-used-to-run-license-server hard nofile 32768
What should I do when I get "System clock has been set back"?
Reset your system clock to the current date and time.

What about the United States Export Control?

FortLM is linked with OpenSSL library. OpenSSL's ECCN number is 5D002, and it is subject to exemption TSU per CFR 740.13(e)(1). Accordingly the FortLM supplier redistributes OpenSSL with FortLM under the TSU exception for publicly available encryption software defined in CFR 740.13(e)(1). If you live in the countries listed in Export Administration Regulations part 740 Supplement 1 country group E:1 (Cuba,Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) the software cannot be exported to you.  Otherwise FortLM may be exported and reexported to all other countries.