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The new SilverCreek SNMP Counter Test Suite assures correct billing and network management information for service providers.  Service providers use management applications to derive statistics on the performance of their network devices.  The statistics come from the SNMP counters inside the device.   If the counters fail or are otherwise incorrect, service providers cannot meet their SLAs (Service Level Agreements), increasing costs and damaging their reputations.

To avoid these problems and assure that counters are operating correctly, service providers and network equipment manufacturers must find a way to test and verify counter performance.  The new SilverCreek SNMP Counter tests for IPv4 and IPv6 provide comprehensive conformance and compliance testing in one integrated package. The tests utilize the new standards for IPv6 - aware counters (as well as the IPv4 counters).

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Through integration with the Scapy Packet Generator, both normal and malformed packets are generated and checked to verify correct operation. SilverCreek tells Scapy to send certain kinds of packets to the networked device under test; the device must appropriately increment its counters and report the correct count to SilverCreek, all in one seamless operation. The result is an easy method to verify that networked devices, such as switches, routers, servers, etc. are correctly counting incoming packets, and operating properly, so that management information as well as customer bills are correct.


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The new SilverCreek SNMP Counter Test Suite compliments the existing SNMP Counters and Interfaces Test Suite by adding support for the new IPv6 - aware MIBs.  The IPv6 MIBs (management information base) define and organize the information required to manage, troubleshoot and diagnose IPv6 network operation:


RFC 4293 Management Information Base for the Internet Protocol

RFC 4022 Management Information Base for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

RFC 4113 Management Information Base for the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

SilverCreek Counter Test Suite is now Integrated and Tested with Scapy

Scapy provides SilverCreek users with a software-based packet generator, able to forge normal and malformed SNMP packets, and send them on the wire to the device under test.  Scapy is freely available.

SilverCreek customers can download the Scapy Packet Generator for Linux here and for Windows here.  The installation package also has a link to download Python.  Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, extensible programming language. The new SilverCreek Counter Test requires both Scapy and Python. Both Scapy and Python are under separate software licenses, and thus must be downloaded separately from SilverCreek. SilverCreek is licensed by InterWorking Labs, Inc.

With the Scapy integration, InterWorking Labs has created "the universal remote" of SNMP counter testing; users can get busy testing that the IPv6 - aware counters are functioning properly, and not spend their time setting up the test environment, saving time and money. 


Next Steps 

Do you need to verify your SNMP IPv6 aware counters? 

Are you concerned that you have not adequately tested all your counters -- including those counting malformed packets?

Would you like to start testing in one hour, rather than spending several weeks getting the test environment set up?



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