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The Command Line Interface allows the user to access the SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite through the (Tcl) command line rather than the graphical user interface (GUI). The SilverCreek Application Programming Interface (API) can be used in a stand-alone Tcl shell. This is completely independent of the SilverCreek application. The user can thus issue command line SNMP requests outside of the SilverCreek application; this is very useful if your own application needs a set of SNMP requests commands.

Tcl Control Scripts

A key benefit of the Command Line Interface is the ability to run Tcl control scripts. These control scripts automatically run designated SNMP test suites, at specified times, and save the results. This is done in a totally automated, unattended manner; no human operator or human intervention is required. In addition to its obvious convenience, automation can yield even greater productivity gains. Using scripts to automate the testing process has resulted in:

  • 83% reduction in total man-hours devoted to the complete testing process
  • 300% increase in total test coverage
  • 80% reduction in manual test plan execution

Control Test Harnesses

Thanks to its flexible command-line interface and API, SilverCreek is ideally suited to control test beds or test harnesses. Q/A and test managers need to integrate disparate test equipment and test applications from multiple suppliers.. They need to keep track of each device under test, its revision level, and its test results from each test package. They need to integrate all the test results from all the different types of equipment and assemble this into a comprehensive test result summary. Ideally, this is completely automated, so that the Q/A and test managers can review the result information on a daily basis.

SilverCreek provides maximum flexibility in meeting this requirement. SilverCreek can control other test applications. Alternatively, other test applications can control SilverCreek.

Skip the Graphical User Interface!

  1. The SilverCreek Developer's Guide provides a comprehensive API description, example scripts, example code.
  2. Use the SilverCreek SNMP tests without the graphical user interface.
  3. Write code to configure the test setups such as MIB walking scopes directly without relying on a .ctx file.
  4. Use the SilverCreek API in another test environment, independent of SilverCreek.

Find everything you need in our Developer's Guide

Our Developer's Guide and SilverCreek "CookBook" give you everything you need to integrate SilverCreek with your test environment.

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