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Does SilverCreek Pro support C++, VB, etc. languages?
How do I create my own tests?


Q Does SilverCreek Pro support C++, VB, etc. languages?

A SilverCreek supports Tcl/Tk scripting language. It does not support developing tests using C/C++, VB, etc. 
Tcl is the most widely used scripting language in networking testing community. It is also very simple to pick up. Here is a tutorial:

SilverCreek also has a "Tcl script generator", which can be used to generate simple test scripts. Additionally SilverCreek provides a rich set of sample scripts to help you get started with development work using SilverCreek. Using these sample scripts and the SilverCreek Developer's guide you can write private tests, automate testing and/or use the SilverCreek SNMP request API in your application.

Q How to create my own tests?

A Please see Help->Help Topics
                          ->Developing Your Own Tests  



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