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QMy SilverCeek GUI does not function properly if viewed in a XP Remote Desktop

Windows XP has a remote desktop feature allowing a login session to be monitored/used remotely. Unfortunately any "wish" toplevels are not useable in the remote version of the desktop. All I get is an ugly mess where my widgets were, and a perfectly intact native menubar at the top. All other "native" windows appear fine. Java toplevels are also ok. I'm using TCL/TK appears to be the same.This appears to be an issue in Tk not liking the change of a Windows desktop color depth while running.

A The issue is that remote logins always use a reduced palette (for speed), and Tk isn't down-shifting properly. This is an incompatibility between Tk and Windows remote desktop. However it should work fine if you start SilverCreek after logging in remotely.

If you start SilverCreek before logging in remotely things should work fine if the 'color quality' on the machine on which SilverCreek is running is set to 'medium 16 bit'. It appears that the remote desktop session uses this level of color quality. You can change these setting in Windows Control Panel -> Display Settings.


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