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The SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite has three families:

Node-locked Version – For small groups of developers and testers who want to install a license on a lab computer or single user computer. Node-locked provides your lab with the needed tests in a central location. Users may select either Windows or Linux in any combination.

Time Based Version – For developers and testers on a short term project who wish to test over a three to six month period and then complete the project.

WorkGroups Version – For large groups of developers and testers who want to check out a license from a shared server. Workgroups provides great value as the licenses on the server may be shared among a large number of users.  For example, a five license server permits five concurrent users, but there may be eight, 15 or 25 users!   Only five users can use it concurrently. You only pay for what you use. Users may select either Windows or Linux in any combination.

For developers and testers who require only the tools and none of the tests, the Tools Only version provides APIs, diagnostic tools, MIB tools, etc. The Tools only version is available as a single node (BSCM1), Time Based (TBSCM1) or Workgroups (BSCM1WGX).

For developers and testers who require the SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c Tests, the versions available are: single node (BSCM2), Time Based (TBSCM2) or Workgroups (BSCM2WGX).

For developers and testers who require the SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 Tests, the versions available are single node (BSCM3), Time Based (TBSCM3), or Workgroups (BSCM3WGX).

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Determine exactly what you need support for:

  • Windows Platform
  • Linux Platform


  • Test Coverage for SNMPv1, v2c, all private and standard MIBs
  • Test Coverage for SNMPv1, v2c, v3, all private and standard MIBs
  • Syntactic tests
  • Semantic (functionality) tests
  • Vulnerability (robustness) tests
  • DOCSIS tests
  • RMON 1 and RMON 2 tests
  • SNMPv3 USM-MIB tests (RFC-3414)
  • SNMPv3 VACM-MIB tests (RFC-3415)
  • SNMPv3 Apps tests (RFC-3413)
  • SNMPv3 MPD-MIB tests (RFC-3412)
  • MIB-II Tests (RFC 1213/2011/2012/2013/2196)
  • IPv6 IP MIB Tests (RFC 4293)
  • IPv6 ipForward MIB Tests (RFC 4292)
  • IPv6 TCP-MIB Tests (RFC 4022)
  • IPv6 UDP-MIB Tests (RFC 4113)
  • Diffie-Helman Key Change Tests
  • Load tests (by simulating multiple managers)
  • Performance measurement tests
  • Tests reference source of authority in RFCs

Testing Options/Customizations:

  • Ability to customize tests (for ultimate flexibility)
  • Source code, APIs, library definitions
  • Customized MIB definitions (e.g. Redefine the range of an integer)
  • Check system reboot
  • Ignore lexicographic errors
  • Insert a delay between test packets sent (for slow agents)
  • Test according to MIN-ACCESS
  • Ignore writeable objects in SET tests (treat them as read-only)
  • Repetitvely execute selected tests
  • Pause testing and resume later

Test Output:

  • POSIX Standard Result Codes
  • Text file (human readable and machine parsable via keywords)
  • CSV output can be imported into a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)
  • XML support (parsing by an XML parser)
  • Web page (display results in a web browser)
  • Journal
  • Log of test session (machine parsable via 3 digit code)
  • ODBC support (store results and SQL query your database)
  • "|" pipe delimited output can be imported into a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)

Agent Setup:

  • Save agent setup to file
  • Share agent setup file with other users
  • Agent capabilities
  • Advanced Agent Setup - customize interactive parameters
  • Agent setup context specific MIB sets
  • Agent setup specific MIB repertoire (to be deleted)


  • SNMP Command Tool (simple)
  • Send SNMP GET, NEXT, SET requests
  • SNMP Command Wizard (advanced)
  • Send SNMP GET, NEXT, SET, GET-BULK requests
  • Send a series of requests with multiple objects
  • Save and load previous command sets
  • SNMP Command Tcl Script Generator
  • Build test scripts automatically (without programming knowledge)
  • Create one or more agents to test
  • Test both scalar and columnar (table) objects
  • Exercise row creation and row status transition for any table
  • Write verification on read-write objects using allowable values
  • Resulting test script may be added to SilverCreek Test Suite
  • SNMPv3 USM Manager
  • Show table relations among the five key tables (USM and VACM)
  • Create a new user, assign user to group, assign MIB views to group
  • Key Change
  • Manage MIB View Names
  • Test and Delete User
  • Configuration Notification Tables
  • Show Current Setting and Table Relations
  • Create Notification Names
  • Create Notification Targets
  • Create Notification Targets Parameters
  • Create Notification Files
  • Create Community String Mappings
  • Polling Tool
  • Poll selected objects via GET, GET-BULK, and Walking Branch
  • Modify interval and duration of polling for load testing
  • Tab delimited output can be imported into a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)
  • Performance Measuring Tool
  • Measure performance of GET, NEXT, SET, GET-BULK
  • Measure performance of walking a MIB branch via NEXT, GET-BULK
  • Measure performance of any scalar and columnar (table) objects
  • Send both synchronously and asynchronously
  • Tab delimited output can be imported into a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)
  • Memory Leak Tool

Notification Monitor:

  • Check variables bindings of received notifications
  • Support listening on multiple ports for traps and informs
  • Synchronize with, and receive encrypted traps from SNMPv3 notification originator
  • Option to skip check time window for SNMPv3 notifications
  • Tab delimited output can be imported into a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)


  • Online Help (user manual)
  • Task-based Flash Training Videos
  • CookBook of Tcl Scripts (for Controlling and Automating SilverCreek)
  • SilverCreek Developer's Guide (for Creating Your Own Tests)
  • SilverCreek Test Handbook (details of each test)

Diagnostic Tools:

  • SilverCreek Console
  • Summary (summarized form of packets sent)
  • Watch (pseudo ASN.1)
  • Debug (octet dump)
  • Packet Recorder and Decoder:
  • Capture packets
  • Decode any SNMP HEX data to human readable form

Additional MIB Capabilities:

  • add and compile any MIB (private or standard)
  • automatically compile and load multiple MIBs (all at once)
  • add and compile an agent-capability MIB
  • select one or more branches of MIBs for testing
  • automatically test your private MIBs

MIB Tools:

  • MIB Browser
  • MIB Walker
  • MIB Table Inspector (view, modify, create new rows in tables)
  • MIB Dictionary
  • MIB Compiler
  • MIB Compare

Scripting Facilities for Control, Automation, and Integration:

  • For Writing Tests
  • Classic SNMP requests API (optimized for testing)
  • Light weight SNMP requests API
  • Scotty/TNM API with support for IPv6 and SNMPv3
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous API

For Automating Tests:

  • Control API for Running Tests (automating tests in CLI)
  • Remote interface (legacy support to telnet into SilverCreek to run tests)
  • Expect ("screen scraper" support) (Linux ONLY)
  • Tcl shell integration
  • Automation Wizard
  • Build a script to drive GUI to automatically run test suites


  • Full support of Tcl language
  • Sample Scripts Available
  • Any Tcl extensions can be added to the SilverCreek environment
  • SilverCreek libraries can be added to any standard Tcl environment
  • SilverCreek may be integrated with other products (e.g. to control the Spirent packet generator)
  • Consistent Architecture and Operation of Tools

Encryption and Key Exchange Algorithms Supported:

  • Diffie Helman
  • DES
  • AES 128, 192, 256
  • Triple DES

Authentication Supported:

  • MD5
  • SHA

Not sure what version of SilverCreek is right for you?