SilverCreek Release Notes

Release: 2017 Build 17.01.22


New Feature: SilverCreek now fully supports SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 for SNMPv3 (RFC 7860).

New Tests: Added four new tests: test4.26.13, test4.26.14, test4.26.15 and test4.26.16 to check authentication bypass attack on SHA-2.

New Feature: Added a new option "Test | Abort Tests that Require User Interaction" to abort interactive tests.

New Test: Added a new test4.21.3 to check if the DUT can generate unSupportedSecurityLevel report.

New Tests: Added three new tests test1., test2. and test3. to test setting variables using all valid values in the defined range.

New Feature: Added support to mark SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c traps received as "problematic" and also display them in red color if the community string received is different than the configured one.

Critical Fix: SilverCreek was sending SNMPV2c inform response with a hard-coded community string 'public'.

Critical Fix: SilverCreek trap receiver was sometimes sending out an unSupportedSecurityLevel report unexpectedly.

Enhancement] SilverCreek command "snmptcl::context::create" now has a new option "-trapoctetstringformat" to control how to parse Octet-String variable in SNMP traps.

Enhancement: Make certain tests to return 'Untested' rather than 'Error' when Python and Scappy that they dependent on haven't been installed.

Enhancement: Test1., and now set using all valid enumerated values.

Enhancement: Issue a follow-up get request in test3.4.3.x to make sure the DUT didn't actually assign invalid values to the variables tested.

Bug Fix: Trying to configure trap options in In SilverCreek BSCM1's trap monitor was getting an error complaining missing scmain::show_Icon procedure.

Critical Fix: SilverCreek trap monitor was not able to display incoming traps if there isn't already a silvercreek resource file saved in a previous run of SilverCreek.

Change: Updated SilverCreek AES192 and AES256 to work with a couple of widely deployed agent implementations, although 3DES, AES192 and AES256 are never standardized by IETF.

Bug Fix: Copying and pasting texts into SilverCreek console was not working when there is a test is currently selected or highlighted.

Bug Fix: Test4.21.1 and test4.21.2 were not checking snmpInPks and usmStatsUnsupportedSecLevel counters properly.

Bug Fix: Remove repetitive entries of snmptcontext(authkey) and snmptest(privkey) in the saved agent context file.

Bug Fix: View test details dialog was not showing the full result of the last test run by default.

Bug Fix: Test4.19.7 should be run for any connected agent user context that is not a 'read-only' user.

Bug Fix: Test 4.15.4 generates a false failure when the agent context user configured to test is authNoPriv but the clone-from user is authPriv.

Bug Fix: Test10.4.2.4 was generating an ERROR if no ipRouteAge instance is found in the DUT.

Bug Fix: SilverCreek command snmptcl::getop, snmptcl::setop, etc. was not handling its associated mibstore procedure properly.

Bug Fix: Test3.3.1.6 and test3.4.1.6 were reporting false failure when the DUT returns noSuchObject exception and noAccess error respectively.

Release: 2017 Build 17.11.10 beta

Date: 2017-11-10

New Features and Top Bug Fixes in this Release

New Tests: Added 14 new tests (test4.9.4.x, test4.9..5.x, test4.9.6.x and test4.9.7.x) in test-suite 4.0 'USM MIB' test-suite. These tests check if the DUT handles UTF-8 encoded SNMPv3 user name properly when creating new users.

New Tests: Added 18 new tests (test6.4.3.3.x and test6.5.3.3.x) in test-suite 6.0 'SNMP Apps' test-suite. These tests check if the DUT handles UTF-8 encoded snmpTargetAddrTag and snmpTargetAddrTagList value properly.

New Tests: Added 19 new tests (test9.1.3.x, test9.1.5.x and test9.1.6.x) in test-suite 9.0 'SNMP Community MIB'. These tests check if the DUT handles UTF-8 encoded snmpCommunitySecurityName and snmpCommunityContextName value properly.

New Tests: Added 3 new tests: test1., test2.4.1.5 and test3.4.1.5 into protocol test-suites for SNMPv1, v2c and v3 respectively. These tests check if the DUT handles SNMP set requests that contain objects with duplicated variable-bindings.

New Tests: Added test6. in test-suite 4.0 to check if the DUT allow setting snmpTargetAddrTagList to an empty value.

New Tests: Added test4.9.7.1 in test-suite 6.0 to check if the DUT rejects creating entries with username set to an empty string value and without catastrophic failure.

New Feature: Added a new option "Disable Get-bulk tests in Protocol test-suite and standard test-suites" that can be used by customers to skip running GET-BULK tests if DUT does not support it.

Enhancement: Changed test6.4.1.x, 6.4.3.x, 6.4.8.x not to require user interaction to configure a valid local IP address since any IPv4 address will suffice.

Enhancement: Test20.0.1 now configures an active row in etherStatsTable that monitors the interface over which SilverCreek is talking to the agent, if there is no existing entry found in etherStatsTable.

Bug Fix: Tests such as test4.20.8, 4.20.10, 4.14.3, 4.17.3,, 4.14.4,, etc. in test-suite 4.0 'USM-MIB' tests were not supporting SHA2 and were reporting 'Unknown authentication protocol SHA-224, SHA-256,SHA-384, and SHA-512'.

Bug Fix: Test1., test2.4.3.1 and test3.4.3.1 were accepting badValue, inconsistentValue, or noAccess as acceptable return error status mistakenly.

Bug Fix: Test and test were showing PASSED even if there are not suitable rows found to test

Bug Fix: Some tests in test-suite 9.0 (SNMP Community MIB ) were expecting SNMPv2c error status even in SNMPv1 mode

Bug Fix: Test10.1.3 and test20.0.1 that call mib2_find_ifIndex to determine the interface in use were not able to be aborted.

Bug Fix: snmptcl::rowStatusOp and snmptest::rowStatusOp commands were deleting rows created even if the option -autodestroy is set to 0.

Bug Fix: Test3.8.1 was not skipping SET operation even if 'Test | Disable SET Tests in Protocol Test-suites' is enabled