SilverCreek Release Notes

Release: 2017 Build 17.11.10 beta

Date: 2017-11-10

New Features and Top Bug Fixes in this Release

New Tests: Added 14 new tests (test4.9.4.x, test4.9..5.x, test4.9.6.x and test4.9.7.x) in test-suite 4.0 'USM MIB' test-suite. These tests check if the DUT handles UTF-8 encoded SNMPv3 user name properly when creating new users.

New Tests: Added 18 new tests (test6.4.3.3.x and test6.5.3.3.x) in test-suite 6.0 'SNMP Apps' test-suite. These tests check if the DUT handles UTF-8 encoded snmpTargetAddrTag and snmpTargetAddrTagList value properly.

New Tests: Added 19 new tests (test9.1.3.x, test9.1.5.x and test9.1.6.x) in test-suite 9.0 'SNMP Community MIB'. These tests check if the DUT handles UTF-8 encoded snmpCommunitySecurityName and snmpCommunityContextName value properly.

New Tests: Added 3 new tests: test1., test2.4.1.5 and test3.4.1.5 into protocol test-suites for SNMPv1, v2c and v3 respectively. These tests check if the DUT handles SNMP set requests that contain objects with duplicated variable-bindings.

New Tests: Added test6. in test-suite 4.0 to check if the DUT allow setting snmpTargetAddrTagList to an empty value.

New Tests: Added test4.9.7.1 in test-suite 6.0 to check if the DUT rejects creating entries with username set to an empty string value and without catastrophic failure.

New Feature: Added a new option "Disable Get-bulk tests in Protocol test-suite and standard test-suites" that can be used by customers to skip running GET-BULK tests if DUT does not support it.

Enhancement: Changed test6.4.1.x, 6.4.3.x, 6.4.8.x not to require user interaction to configure a valid local IP address since any IPv4 address will suffice.

Enhancement: Test20.0.1 now configures an active row in etherStatsTable that monitors the interface over which SilverCreek is talking to the agent, if there is no existing entry found in etherStatsTable.

Bug Fix: Tests such as test4.20.8, 4.20.10, 4.14.3, 4.17.3,, 4.14.4,, etc. in test-suite 4.0 'USM-MIB' tests were not supporting SHA2 and were reporting 'Unknown authentication protocol SHA-224, SHA-256,SHA-384, and SHA-512'.

Bug Fix: Test1., test2.4.3.1 and test3.4.3.1 were accepting badValue, inconsistentValue, or noAccess as acceptable return error status mistakenly.

Bug Fix: Test and test were showing PASSED even if there are not suitable rows found to test

Bug Fix: Some tests in test-suite 9.0 (SNMP Community MIB ) were expecting SNMPv2c error status even in SNMPv1 mode

Bug Fix: Test10.1.3 and test20.0.1 that call mib2_find_ifIndex to determine the interface in use were not able to be aborted.

Bug Fix: snmptcl::rowStatusOp and snmptest::rowStatusOp commands were deleting rows created even if the option -autodestroy is set to 0.

[Bug Fix] Test3.8.1 was not skipping SET operation even if 'Test | Disable SET Tests in Protocol Test-suites' is enabled