Mini Maxwell Release Notes

Release Notes Revision 17

Date: 2013-June

NOTE: Mini Maxwell is End of Life; the board is no longer available. The replacement for Mini Maxwell is KMAX

  1. The packet classification filter machinery has been extended to allow classification based on three Ethernet header fields: source MAC address, destination MAC address, and the type/length field. Note, these are not intended to work on packets with IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag fields.

Filters that classify based on Ethernet header fields form a separate set of filters from the existing IPv4/UDP/TCP classification filters. Both sets of filters are applied according to the filter sequence mechanism. However, active Ethernet filters are applied before any of the active IPv4/UDP/TCP classification filters.

Pre-written Ethernet filters have been provided for ARP and Spanning Tree.. The user may create and add new Ethernet filters to the inventory.

  1. Traffic graphs that show packets/second and bytes/second for each direction of traffic may now be shown on the user's web browser. Each graph allows the user to select whether to display incoming packets (or byte) counts, outgoing counts, or both.

  2. Various small technical and typographical errors have been corrected.

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