Causes and Correlations of Network Impairments

white paper imageLearn about about the causes of adverse network conditions; anticipate and compensate for network issues.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Time sensitive network applications
  • Testing the limits of app performance
  • Addressing the limits of network performance
  • What do we mean by the "imperfect network"?
  • The Ways That Networks Err
  • Causes of the Network Errors
  • How do impairments manifest themselves?
  • What about your own network?
  • How can I tell if my network has a problem with these things?
  • Is my network impaired?
  • Are my apps and devices affected by these network impairments?
  • Service Level Definition for VoIP
  • Implementing a Test Bed
  • What can be done about network impairments?
  • Protocols Discussed: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Key Terms:

  • Voice-over-IP (VOIP)
  • Packet Loss
  • Packet Delay
  • Packet Delay Variation (Jitter)
  • Packet Reordering
  • Packet Duplication
  • Packet Corruption

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