KMAX Scenarios

KMAX scenarios can be loaded and running in seconds. They're pre-calibrated to accurately reflect the conditions of the real-world scenario they represent. Each scenario can be easily modified to address your specific requirements.

3G/4G Scenarios

The 3G, 4G, and Composite Mobile templates use statistics from third party measurements of impairments observed on United States based mobile wireless carriers circa 2012. Packet duplication statistics for the internet core are circa 2003.

  • Extreme RTT
  • High jitter
  • High packet loss
  • Worst case 4G/LTE, 3G, throughput
  • Extreme RTT, jitter, and packet loss emulation
  • 3G worst case conditions
  • 4G/LTE worst case conditions
  • Site-to-site radio handoff
  • And many others...

Cloud Scenarios

Four of the bands contain impairments likely encountered in the transmission path from a mobile device to the cloud.

  • App to cloud 4G/3G handoff
  • App to cloud 4G WiFi handoff
  • App to cloud periodic
  • App to cloud static
  • App to cloud emulation

Degraded Networks

  • Noisy factory floor
  • Periodic link congestion
  • Portable music stream
  • Streaming to backup servers
  • Robot control link


  • Home automation
  • Low power WAN
  • Narrow band


  • Media over satellite
  • Satellite - Geosynchronous
  • Satellite - Low Earth Polar


  • Conference call
  • VoIP stress test
  • 4 Band VoIP stress test
  • VoIP system-wide test


  • Atlantic link

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