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InterWorking Labs enhances the SilverCreek SNMP Tester Experience through more social interaction -- New Customer Forum, New Help Desk, and New Software Release


SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (January 5, 2012) -   InterWorking Labs, the developer of SilverCreek, the authoritative SNMP Test Suite that improves the quality and operation of apps and devices in mobile, cloud, and wide area networks, today announced a new SilverCreek Customer Forum, and new InterWorking Labs Help Desk,and a new software release, dramatically enhancing the SNMP tester experience.


Users of SilverCreek, the authoritative SNMP Test Suite from InterWorking Labs now have a new semantic MIB Compare Tool, user-defined error status, and new agent cap support.   In addition, InterWorking Labs launched a new SilverCreek Customer Forum for user to user communication, idea and code sharing, as well as social interchange. Finally, there's new Help Desk for hassle-free technical support

SilverCreek Customer Forum


The new SilverCreek Customer Forum allows users of the popular SNMP Test Suite to share information, tips, and hints, not necessarily related to bugs or feature requests. In the Forum, users can help each other, especially in using SilverCreek in new ways.

Many SilverCreek users have requested a forum to learn "user-to-user" as they find this very helpful. Users like to have their questions answered in the way they were asked, according to the way they are using the product. Other users can help them do this.

SilverCreek users can register for the Forum. Users can establish their credibility and reputation by helping other users.

InterWorking Labs Help Desk


The new InterWorking Labs Help Desk is available to customers under contract to request new features and report bugs. InterWorking Labs provides technical support, patches, workarounds, and new features and functionality through new software releases. While InterWorking Labs has offered technical support since its inception, the new Help Desk offers many new capabilities:

  • Bug reports and feature requests may be submitted via email or a web-based customer portal, according to each user's preference.
  • Submissions are easy with no hassle.
  • Submissions are secure with128-bit SSL data encryption.
  • Searching capability allows users to find information from closed tickets.
  • Users can check on status and history of bug or feature request submissions.

New SilverCreek Release


The latest SilverCreek release is available now.   The new release features:

  • A new MIB Compare tool for semantically comparing two MIB files. This is extremely useful in the creation and testing of private MIBs. Unlike simple text file comparison tools, the new MIB Compare tool will report that the MIB files are semantically identical if only comments are modified or definitions are moved around.
  • A new feature "User-defined error status values" has been added that enables extended debugging for agents that implement custom error status values.
  • SilverCreek can now search all loaded agent capabilities to locate the appropriate agent capability statement when multiple agent capability MIBs are loaded.

In addition, many small bugs have been corrected and documentation updated.