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The SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite delivers new SNMP Manager tests, new standalone Notification Monitor/Tester,  and new USM-MIB tests

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA, September 17, 2013 – InterWorking Labs, developers of network emulators and protocol testers to improve the quality and operation of apps and devices in cloud, mobile, and wide area networks, announced new capabilities for SilverCreek, the authoritative SNMP Test Suite. 

New SNMP Manager Tests

This test-suite contains fourteen new tests to test a management application. These tests check if the manager under test can handle responses with mismatching msgID and request-ID, and does time synchronization properly.

Standalone SilverCreek Notification Monitor/Tester

SilverCreek Notification Monitor/Tester can now be started separately as a tool independent of SilverCreek main GUI. Operation is simplified for customers who only want to test notifications.

New Tests for USM-MIBs

Check if the device under test implements a way for operators to reconfigure its engine-ID.

Other Enhancements

New tests for Inform Response Handling.  These tests further test how an agent handles incorrect msg-ID and request-ID in the inform responses.

New tests in the TCP-MIB test-suite to check if the agent under test implements tcpConnectionState properly.

New right-click menu "Show Full Details and View Log File" in the test details window. This way it is easier for customers to view an old log file without having to use File explorer.

Added test-suite number to the front of the test-suite name so it is easier for customers to locate a test suite based on its number.

The new SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite is available now from InterWorking Labs.  InterWorking Labs produces protocol test suites, including DHCP, DOCSIS, ICMP, IPv4 & IPv6, RMON MIB, SIP,  RTP,  RTCP, SNMP Libraries & APIs, SSL & TLS, TCP, and UDP as well as the Maxwell family of network emulators for real-world network application emulations and protocol impairments.  These solutions replicate and remediate the quality and performance of apps and devices in mobile, cloud, and wide area networks.