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Press Release

InterWorking Labs, developers of network emulation and protocol testing products to improve the quality and operation of mobile, cloud, and wide area networks, today announced the newest version of SilverCreek, the authoritative SNMP Test Suite.  

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.  (February 13, 2013) - SilverCreek verifies the robustness of network devices in the face of SNMP vulnerabilities and verifies the correct operation of SNMP agents and their standard and private MIBS

Detect and Diagnose Implementation Errors

Engineers attempt to find and fix SNMP compliance problems by writing simple scripts that issue an SNMP command.  When the agent responds, the engineer believes his test succeeded.  

Unfortunately, this does not prove compliance because it does not account for boundary conditions, pathological packets and a wide range of other phenomenon.  Worse, a human expert is required to judge the response requiring hundreds of hours -- a waste of resources!    

Use SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite to automatically check for vulnerabilities to attacks and generate a report.  

Application Features

The winter release of SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite combines special requests and feedback from InterWorking Labs' clientele with determinations from IWL's SNMP Advisory Board. Popular enhancements and newest features include:

  • Automatically test the setting of multiple variables in tables simultaneously
  • Addition of 170 new tests for RFC3289 (DIFFSERV-MIB) tables
  • Options for handling/ignoring deprecated, dynamic, and obsolete variables Improved saving of test results in the 'txt' format
  • Command changes to accept a list argument for object names similar to the Scotty library
  • New "Poll Counter" tool for alerting value drops in rows
  • More than 150 new tests such as syntax, counter and interface tests using Scapy
  • MIB browser and MIB walker now mark the row in red color if MIB walking is terminated unexpectedly by a lexicographical order error
  • Suppression of known errors by using new, advanced configuration parameters

The latest SilverCreek release is available now for all customers with annual maintenance agreements.

Industry Leadership and Support

SilverCreek is the only authoritative SNMP tester backed by an Advisory Board of SNMP Experts who arbitrate disputes, clarify the intent of the RFCs, provide assurances and industry guidance.  The IWL SNMP Advisory Board is known for advisory warnings, such as a major change in direction with the IPv6 MIBs and a ruling on SNMPInASNParseErrs.