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New SNMP tests, new platform support, new integration, new libraries and scripts for automation

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (March 17, 2009) - InterWorking Labs, developers of network test and emulation products to improve the quality and operation of voice/video/data networks, today announced the latest release of SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite.

New integration with support for Spirent Test Center

The SilverCreek Linux library now works with the Spirent TestCenter (STC). You can now use the SilverCreek library and Spirent STC library together in a Tcl environment on a Linux platform. Spirent and InterWorking Labs worked together testing this integration.

New SilverCreek SNMP Tests

New MIB Walking tests issue GET-NEXTs from columns of MIB tables to retrieve all or a single instance of that columnar object. For objects that are not in a table (scalars) this test issues a GET-NEXT from the OID of the scalar object. It then compares the results with the instances obtained in other tests. The new tests uncover variables that are not supposed to be visible but were returned in the new MIB walk.

Another new set of tests perform GETs and SETs using incomplete OIDs.

Several new vulnerability tests were added in response to a US-CERT alert TA08-162A. See Vulnerability Note VU #878044. These tests were added in a previous build, but not announced.

New SilverCreek library support

The SilverCreek library now supports a Scotty/TNM API with SNMPv3 enabled.

SilverCreek provides an API that works the same as the once widely used but no longer actively maintained Scotty/Tnm SNMP library. Both Tnm::snmp and Tnm::mib commands are supported.

This implementation supports IPv6 and authPriv SNMPV3: the original ScottyTNM API does not.

If you are familiar with syntax of Scotty/TNM commands, you can now seamlessly switch to use SilverCreek's implementation.

New Notification Monitor Functionality

The SilverCreek Notification Monitor handles SNMPv3 autPriv traps with different encryption keys.

The SilverCreek Notification Monitor now can receive, decrypt, and check SNMPv3 authenticated and encrypted traps with different user names, auth passwords and encryption passwords from different devices. SilverCreek will automatically synchronize with multiple trap originators to authenticate the received v3 traps, and verify they are within the allowed time window. Customers can also optionally choose not to authenticate and/or verify the time window of the received SNMPv3 authPriv traps. The SilverCreek Notification Monitor now also supports automatic local SNMP V3 user pool configuration for authPriv Traps and Informs using the currently connected active user parameters.

New Support for Asynchronous Performance Measurements

The SilverCreek Performance Measuring tool now fully supports measuring performance in asynchronous communication mode. Asynchronous requests are sent continuously without waiting for the Responses coming in first for the previous requests. When round trip time is significant, data retrieving in asynchronous mode should be much faster than in synchronous mode. You can adjust the maximum number of requests sent in a burst to make sure the sender does not overrun the agent under test.

Other Enhancements

Additional capabilities include support for more output format options, more API commands for automating test execution, enhancements to "fine-tuning" options, improvements to Diffie-Helman Agent Setup.

The SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite 2009 is available now from InterWorking Labs. For more information about the tests, please schedule a webinar through InterWorking Labs.

InterWorking Labs provides products and solutions for network test and emulation: SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite, Mini Maxwell, the Portable Network Emulator, and the Maxwell Tester for real-world network application emulations and protocol impairments.