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InterWorking Labs Announces SilverCreek 9.0, the authoritative SNMP Test Suite

InterWorking Labs adds MIB table inspector, SNMPv3 USM Manager, MIB dictionary and more

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (January 21, 2005) - InterWorking Labs, developers of innovative products to measure, characterize, and debug next generation network devices in enterprise communications networks, today announced new features and capabilities in SilverCreek 9.0

New MIB Table Inspector Tool

With the MIB Table Inspector tool users view MIB table content in a conceptual table view. Users may also update, delete, test columnar objects and insert rows in the selected MIB Table. The createAndGo and createAndWait row creation methods are supported.

New SNMPv3 USM Manager Tool

With the SNMPv3 USM Manager tool users create new USM users, create and delete VACM view names, assign views to users and update users' secret keys (or passwords). The Manager Tool greatly simplifies the process of updating a SNMP agent's User-based Security Module (USM) table as well as the View Based Access Control Model (VACM) tables. Create new Users, assign a new user to a group, assign MIB view to group of users, test user and update user authentication and encryption passwords with the new SNMPv3 USM Manager Tool.

New MIB Dictionary Tool

The new MIB Dictionary tool provides a very convenient way to quickly access all related information about loaded MIBs:

-look up the name for any given OID.
-look up OID for any given name.
-see which MIB module and definition file an object is defined in as well as its parent nodes.
- see related information about MIB tables. "i.e. index objects and all objects defined in this table"
-see which notifications are defined in each MIB.
-see all the known notifications that are loaded.
-look up which objects are defined in each MIB.
-see information about individual modules.
(related definition files, standard track or enterprise MIB, and last update date)
-save lookup results into a tab delimited text file for easy loading into Excel for further analysis.

Improved MIB Walking Test Range Setups

An increased number of MIB test ranges can be configured through the menu "Test->Collect Variables for Protocol Tests->Walk MIBs in Range...".

In addition to specifying start and stop points and specific MIB branches, the user can now tell the SilverCreek MIB walk tests to skip certain branches, or only collect the first instance of any objects.

The configured parameters will appear in Test | Advanced Configuration | Generic Settings | ScopedStart, ScopedStop, ScopeSkip and ScopedRowWalk.

New USM User test to test creating multiple concurrent users

A new test (test4.10.5) has been added to the USM-MIB test suite to verify whether 16 concurrent users can be created and used to communicate with the agent under test.

New HTML Report Generated from XML Results

A greatly improved HTML report is generated from results saved in XML format.

-supports HTML hyperlink to test description and failure details.
-can be instructed to draw a bar chart in a SVG-aware Web browser.
-XML formatted results report that looks good and prints easily.

Other changes or additions include:

Tests can be run command line interface without the GUI being raised. A new set of commands similar to Remote Interface commands are now available.

SilverCreek Tools can now be run independent of the Test Suites

Expect bundled with SilverCreek Unix Releases

SilverCreek 9.0 is available now from InterWorking Labs.