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InterWorking Labs Announces SilverCreek 10.0, the official SNMP Test Suite

InterWorking Labs adds Tcl Script Generator, Ethereal-like debugging, and new Compliance Standards

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (December 12, 2005) - InterWorking Labs, developers of innovative products to measure, characterize, and debug next generation network devices in enterprise communications networks, today announced new features and capabilities in SilverCreek 10.0

New SNMP Packet Recorder and Decoder

This new tool records and decodes any SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 packets, including encrypted SNMPv3 packets. The user interface is Ethereal-like, but the SilverCreek Packet Recorder/Decoder provides more capabilities than Ethereal for SNMPv3 operation. Packets may be captured in an online session and then decoded offline.

New Conformance/Compliance Standards

Tests are now grouped into three categories of compliance.

If an agent cannot pass the tests in Basic Compliance, caution is urged when deploying this agent on a production network.

If an agent cannot pass the tests in Intermediate Compliance, the agent should be used only temporarily in a production network until the problems with the agent can be corrected.

If the agent does not pass the tests in Advanced Compliance, the agent may be used in a production network, while the supplier of the product works on patches.

New Tcl Script Generator Tool

SilverCreek users who are not programmers, but who wish to generate test scripts in Tcl can now use the new Tcl Script Generator Tool. The Tool provides for easily building Tcl scripts for a wide range of requirements from the simple to the sophisticated. The tool provides support for the configuration of multiple agents. It supports the four standard SNMP operations -- Get/Set/Next/Bulk – on any object, as well as user selectable error codes, and transmission options.

Test Management Organization

The SNMP Protocol Tests can be grouped based on their compliance category -- Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The tests may be reordered from the GUI by simple drag and drop operation.

Notification Monitor Improvements

The Notification Monitor now supports multiple local users with different security levels when receiving INFORMs; this reduces overhead and facilitates the testing of INFORMs. Configuration changes take effect immediately without restarting the Notification Monitor. In addition, the Notification Monitor supports local engine boot configuration.

New ODBC implementation

Test failure details from the SilverCreek Journal can be saved in the SilverCreek database and the user may view the test results table in the database. There is new support for building SQL queries directly in the tool.

Improved Polling Tool

The SilverCreek Polling Tool can perform periodic Get/Bulk/Walk requests. Polling tables with Bulk provides greater efficiency and performance.

Other Improvements

Other improvements include new options for running batch tests, support for user defined local port numbers, and multiple documentation options.

SilverCreek 10.0 is available now from InterWorking Labs.