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InterWorking Labs Announces SilverCreek 8.0, the official SNMP Test Suite

InterWorking Labs adds new packaging, advanced Tcl support, more options

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (April 12, 2004) - InterWorking Labs, developers of innovative products to measure, characterize, and debug next generation network devices in enterprise communications networks, today announced new features and capabilities in SilverCreek 8.0

SilverCreek 8.0 provides new packaging so that customers can select and pay for only the components they require. The Vulnerability Test Suite providing robustness testing and protection from DoS attacks exploiting SNMP is now packaged with the rest of the tests.

SilverCreek 8.0 supports Tcltk 8.4.4 while maintaining support for Tcl8.3. Tcltk is the tool command language, a scripting language that allows users to make changes in SilverCreek tests without recompilation.

New test options provide greater flexibility in automated testing, including the ability to exclude objects based on criteria and to adjust timing for agent responses.

SilverCreek 8.0 also provides updated DOCSIS OSS MIB walking tests in support of ATP2.0 TP-OSSI-ATP-I03-030716.

The Performance Monitoring Tool sends SNMP requests both in synchronous mode and asynchronous mode.

The new Test Suite Manager

     Now is integrated with main SilverCreek GUI for easy operation.
     Users can "generate test scripts" using this tool.
     New hint texts for creating test suites using test suite manager.
     Added "Value to Expect" option

SNMP Command Wizard

     Extended to support generation of advanced scripts.

New Notification Monitor User Interface

MIB Database and Compiler Enhancements

- MIB database has been improved to support loading thousands of MIBs and still maintain satisfying speed.

- MIB Browser now can be instructed to open MIB tree to a user defined depth upon startup.

- New MIB Loading Options:
1) Loading MIB dialog now supports a new "do not print warning" flag.
2) Loading MIB dialog now supports a new "ignore some syntax error checking" flag (use it at your own risk).
3) Clarified a set of error messages such as using Upper case (first)letter to define an object or lower case(first)letter to define a SYNTAX type.

- View->Loaded MIBs now displays the "LAST UPDATE" time for SMIv2 compliant MIBs that use ExtUTCTime. It is
easier to see if an obsolete MIB is loaded based on the Last Update time.

- Added support to output "Module Name" and update time in the new SilverCreek's MIB data base

- MIB database now supports IMPORT clause in the MIB. This is a major improvement to solve name conflicts with
many enterprise MIBs loaded.

- Added an Agent-Capability sample MIB in the online help found under menu Help -> Help Topics.

SilverCreek 8.0 is available now from InterWorking Labs.