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InterWorking Labs Announces SilverCreek 7.2, the official SNMP Test Suite

New Features For Rapid Application Development, Automation, and Monitoring

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (January 6, 2003) - InterWorking Labs, developers of innovative products to measure, characterize, and debug next generation network devices in enterprise communications networks, today announced SilverCreek, 7.2, the SNMP Test Suite, with several new features and capabilities.

Experienced engineers have used SilverCreek for finding and fixing bugs in their SNMP devices for over a decade. The new SilverCreek 7.2 addresses the concerns of the current economy - doing more with fewer resources. By providing rapid application development tools, SilverCreek 7.2 allows less experienced engineers to automate and integrate their test environment in ways previously unreachable by them in such an advanced test product. At the same time more experienced engineers have new tools to rapidly create and deploy more tests and test scenarios.

With the new SilverCreek 7.2, the tester now has maximum control of the testing environment. He can reorganize tests into categories, groups and suites. An improved Test Suite Manager allows the tester to create new test suites, copy tests from existing test suites, move both tests and test suites through an intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface. The DOCSIS test suite has been preloaded and is included with SilverCreek.

An improved MIB Browser interface provides both active/passive browsing of a user's agent. The tester has more flexible and dynamic options for rapid retrieving, saving, and storing of MIB information in a variety of views and formats.

A new MIB Polling Tool will poll any number of objects for any length of time. This provides a visual check that values are changing appropriately; it also provides checks for memory leaks from incorrectly implemented agents.

An Automation Wizard allows the user to create automated scripts, edit them, save them, and run them by a simple graphic point and click process. There is no need to look at the code or use a scripting language, although full source code, APIs, and libraries are available for all the tests. The tester simply specifies the agent under test, the type of output desired, and the individual tests or collections of tests to include. This script is saved and can be re-invoked for regression testing. Multiple agents and multiple scripts can be automated through this tool. In addition, a new script center is available to provide testers scripts to further automate testing.

Finally, SilverCreek 7.2 runs substantially faster than previous versions especially in the Red Hat Linux environment.

"SilverCreek 7.2 adds an entirely new dimension to SilverCreek -- rapid application development tools. While our customers love our APIs and libraries to write their own tests and modify our existing tests, they need more modern development tools to support their effort. With the rapid application development tools included in SilverCreek 7.2, our customers can develop their own tests with the fewest possible defects and the lowest development costs," reported Robert Olander, Chief Operating Officer.