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InterWorking Labs Releases SilverCreek(TM)
With New Standards Compliance Tests for SNMPv3

New Standards Conformance Test Suite Designed to Help OEMs and IT Managers Stay Current With Latest Network Management Standards

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (April 5, 1999) - InterWorking Labs, developers of state-of-the-art tests for computer networking standards compliance, today announced the release of SilverCreek(TM), a new test suite for network hardware and software manufacturers and IT professionals to test conformance with SNMPv3, the new version of the Simple Network Management Protocol defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

With the release of SilverCreek, InterWorking Labs now offers 650 standards conformance tests, including a full complement of tests to verify compliance with the newest features added with the release of SNMPv3. SilverCreek tests compliance with a range of RFC standards, including new RFCs to cover management frameworks (RFC 2271), message processing (RFC 2272), applications (RFC 2273), user-based security (RFC 2274), and much more. SilverCreek also runs up to 200 percent faster than previous releases of InterWorking Labs' SNMP Test Suite, so that script-intensive tests execute in half the time.

"SNMPv3 adds a number of important user features to network management, but it also presents a potential nightmare for vendors trying to implement those features," said Chris Wellens, president and CEO of InterWorking Labs. "In SilverCreek, we have not only extended the battery of tests to encompass the new RFCs in SNMPv3, but we have improved the interface and reporting structure to make it even easier to mine information and extract the results."

The new release of SilverCreek includes a new Remote Control API that allows developers or network managers to execute test scripts on a remote machine. The Remote Control allows programmatic control from other test harnesses to control SilverCreek for fully automated, "lights out" operation. SilverCreek uses a simple, extensible architecture. It has three components: an SNMP engine written in C++, the industry standard snmptcl API, and a series of test scripts written in Tcl/Tk. Source code for all the test scripts is included, as well as binary code for the SNMP engine.

SilverCreek features a new and improved "MIB Browser" that works in tandem with the SNMP command button, allowing users to test individual SNMP-gets, sets, or get-next requests. It also allows you to uncover hidden branch structures. Also new in SilverCreek is a MIB Scope feature that allows you to select only a portion of the Management Information Base (MIB) objects for testing. There is also a new "Report Wizard" that exports data in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to make it easy to view results or post the information on an Intranet Web site.

"The new SilverCreek release is the only test suite for SNMPv3 implementations," notes Dave Perkins, principal of SNMPinfo and author of "Understanding MIBs" and "RMON: Remote Monitoring of SNMP-Managed LANS". "InterWorking Labs continues to be at the forefront of SNMP testing with its SNMPv3 tests, which is not surprising, since they are the only SNMP test suite provider that participates in the IETF standardization process. Developing test suites is key in defining standards. SNMP testing helps uncover ambiguities and inconsistencies in the RFCs, clarifying issues to be resolved by the SNMPv3 working group. InterWorking Labs is a clear leader in this arena, and continues to be a valuable source of tools for leading providers of SNMP-managed devices."

SilverCreek is available for Solaris 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8, HP-UX, Linux, and Windows NT and 95/98. The licensing fee for SilverCreek starts at $4,995 for the Standard Edition, or $6,995 for the Professional Edition. InterWorking Labs also offers extensions for SilverCreek, including the RMON MIB Test Suite, Printer MIB Test Suite, and UPS MIB Test Suite. These additional MIB Test Suites are available for only $1,000 each. InterWorking Labs also offers the RMON2 Certification Program to clients who wish independent validation that their products comply with network management standards.

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