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InterWorking Labs Introduces New SilverCreek SNMP Test Tools at Networld+Interop

SilverCreek upgrade helps vendors meet the needs of new Internet economy with expanded SNMP compliance tests, including new workgroup license

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (May 9, 2000) - InterWorking Labs, creators of the only official test suite for network management standards, will demonstrate SilverCreek 6.1, the newest release of the company's compliance testing software for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), at Networld+Interop this week. Included in the new SilverCreek standards conformance test suite is new Trap Monitor support, an improved MIB information tool, and other features. As part of its new product offering, InterWorking Labs now also provides SilverCreek Pro for Workgroups, a new multi-user, multi-platform license version.

"Our SilverCreek test suite has already been widely adopted by market leaders who want to make certain their hardware and software are fully compliant with the latest network management standards," notes Chris Wellens, president and CEO of InterWorking Labs. "Compliance with the latest standards is increasingly important in the new e-business economy, since SNMP, RMON, and related protocols have become an integral part of Internet transactions and monitoring. Of course, network standards aren't static, and with the new features in SilverCreek 6.1, we can assure our customers that they have the most up-to-date tests available to verify compliance with the latest standards."

New Features in SilverCreek 6.1

New with the release of SilverCreek 6.1 is an advanced Trap Monitor that enables the user to view, parse, and test incoming events. The Trap Monitor can test for TRAP-TYPE for SNMPv1 events NOTIFICATION-TYPE for SNMPv2 events, and NOTIFICATION-TYPE for SNMPv3 unauthenticated events.

A new Trap Library has also been included that is used by the Trap Monitor as well as any tests that need to validate the syntax, index, and range of trap bindings. In addition, there is a flexible and robust extended library for the most complicated enterprise-wide trap testing, including frequency testing (sending multiple traps at repeated defined intervals). A new MIB Information Tool provides extended information on all object identifier parameters, facilitating high level debugging. The MIB Information Tool is easily accessed from the MIB Browser.

Introducing SilverCreek Pro for Workgroups

InterWorking Labs will also demonstrate SilverCreek Pro for Workgroups, a new multi-user version of its test suite structured to support five simultaneous users to facilitate testing of multiple products in a workgroup environment. SilverCreek Pro for Workgroups allows manufacturers and software developers to purchase a five-user network license. The benefit to developers is they not only get multi-user access to more than 650 tests for versions 1, 2 and 3 of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), but they can also support multiple operating systems under the same license. SilverCreek is available for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Linux, and Solaris, and with SilverCreek Pro for Workgroups, users can mix and match any of these computing platforms. It's the ideal solution to test real-world SNMP compliance in business-critical enterprise systems with multiple operating systems.

SilverCreek Pro for Workgroups includes easy asset tracking and control, and has automatic fail-over support to a back-up server. Users also gain a cost savings of 46 percent over the price for the same number of multiple individual licenses.

SilverCreek is available in Professional, Standard, and now Workgroup versions for Solaris, Linux, Windows NT, and Windows 95/98. SilverCreek can be licensed from InterWorking Labs for fees starting at $499. SilverCreek Pro for Workgroups can be licensed for $17,500.

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